The Anniversary Update arrives January 18!

Anniversary Update

Come celebrate Blade & Soul’s birthday from January 18 until February 8 with the 1st Anniversary Festival! Earn special event coins to spend on rare and powerful rewards—including the ultimate Hongmoon Sparkling Hexagonal Diamond. In addition, we’re celebrating by giving YOU a present! Claim your 1st Anniversary Festival Gift from the Hongmoon Store (limit 1 per account) for exclusive goodies—including the Costume Design Contest Winner—and a unique achievement and title. Also for the duration of the Anniversary Festival the Blessing of Wisdom buff is returning, and the Heroic Confidence buff will be temporarily upgraded to Extra Confidence.

But that’s not all! We have some permanent updates to the overall game itself: weapon skins are seeing a nice quality of life change, increased drop rates on some sought-after items, and we’ve also reworked the pet appearance system to make it more customizable.


Thank you to everyone that has been with us for this first year, and we’re looking forward to many more with you. Happy 1st Anniversary!


Anniversary Update 2.10 Patch Notes

1st Anniversary Festival

  • The 1st Anniversary Festival event is now available from January 18 through February 8.
    • Visit Jadestone Village at the Viridian Coast and Zaiwei in Silverfrost Mountains to check out the anniversary decorations and join the festivities.
    • Complete the "One Year, Countless Adventures" daily quest every day to earn 1st Anniversary Coins and a 1st Anniversary Pouch.
    • 1st Anniversary Coins are also available from the Daily Dash, completing the Daily Challenge, Silverfrost Heroic Dungeon Daily Quests, and certain bundles on the Hongmoon Store.
    • Exchange 1st Anniversary Coins through the Event Items tab of Dragon Express to earn rewards including but not limited to:
      • Hongmoon Sparkling Hexagonal Diamond
      • Forging Orb
      • Sacred Oil
      • Silken Splendor costume
      • Taikhan's Skin
      • Flower of Lament
      • Legendary Gem Hammer
    • For a limited time, you will also be able to transmute a Hongmoon Brilliant Heptagonal Diamond using the following items:
      • 1 Hongmoon Sparkling Hexagonal Diamond
      • 240 1st Anniversary Coin
      • 10 Gold
  • From January 18 through February 8 the 1st Anniversary Festival Gift will be available for free (limit 1 per account) from the Hongmoon Store.  It contains:
    • 1st Anniversary Hat
    • 1st Anniversary Glasses
    • 1st Anniversary Cupcake
      • Consume the 1st Anniversary Cupcake to receive an exclusive achievement and title!
    • Anniversary Fireworks
    • Wonderland outfit
    • Butterfly Mask adornment
    • Alice Ribbon adornment
    • Hongmoon Unsealing Charm (x10)
    • Hongmoon Key (x10)
  • The Blessing of Wisdom has returned and will be available from January 18 through February 8.  It provides the following buffs:
    • Increases Combat XP by 50%
    • Increases Daily Quest XP by 50%
    • Increases Guild Points earned by Crafting and Gathering by 100%
  • From January 18 through February 8, the Confidence buff will be replaced with an Extra Confidence buff which lowers damage received and increases damage dealt in 6-member Silverfrost Heroic dungeons.


  • A new Daily Dash is available from January 18 through February 8.
  • Midnight Skypetal Plains now features Frenzy Time which provides additional rewards at certain times:
    • Each weekend from Friday 6 AM until Monday 6 AM server time, players will receive twice the amount of reward chests from each Stage of Enraged Sacred Longgui.
  • Weapon skins are now returned when removing or replacing a weapon glamor.
    • Master Founder's Pack redeemers will receive a new Heavy Metal Weapon Box within a week of the Anniversary patch.
  • Character Server Transfers will be made available from the Blade & Soul website in the month of January.
  • Fixed an issue where Character Profiles did not display correctly when the character had an elemental accessory equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where mouseover tooltips for Soul Shields were not displaying correctly on Character Profiles.
  • Pets and Soul Badges can now be viewed in Character Profile.
  • New window size options have been added to B&S TV, including an audio only mode.
  • Dungeon Overviews can now be posted to chat and feature clickable item tooltips.



  • Poison Breath / Choke Bomb / Plague Mist (4)
    • Poison is now refreshed upon successfully hitting an enemy with 5 Poison Stacks with Poison Breath (Tier 3 Stage 1), Choke Bomb, or Plague Mist.
    • Fixed an issue where a Poison stack was not being applied in certain situations when using Poison Breath (Tier 3 Stage 1), Choke Bomb, or Plague Mist.

Blade Dancer

  • Lightning Flash (F)
    • Lightning Flash (Stage 2) has had its attack speed increased.
  • Reversal (Tab)
    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect tooltip would be displayed for 2 seconds after the knockback effect was applied by Reversal (Stage 2).
  • Multislash (2)
    • Multislash (Tier 2 Stage 2) now deals increased Wind damage with Wind Focus training.
    • Multislash (Tier 2 Stage 2) now reduces the cooldown of Whirling Scourge by 2 seconds for each hit with Wind Focus training.
  • Lightning Draw (C)
    • Lightning Draw (Tier 5 Stage 1) now deals additional area of effect damage.
    • Lightning Draw (Tier 5 Stage 2) now deals additional damage to enemies affected by Grab or Phantom Grip.
  • Storm Cleave (V)
    • Storm Cleave (Tier 2 Stage 3) now grants additional Lightning Damage for 4 hits with Electric Focus training.

Blade Master

  • Dragontongue (RMB)
    • Dragontongue now deals reduced damage.
    • Dragontongue now deals increased Flame damage upon critical hit.
  • Second Wind (Tab)
    • Fixed an issue where targets would sometimes have certain statuses cleared when hit with Second Wind Stage 1 or Stage 2.
  • Lightning Draw (4)
    • Lightning Draw (Tier 5 Stage 2) now recovers 2 Focus on every critical hit.


  • Line of Sight
    • Fixed an issue where Summoners were sometimes not able to use True Friend (Tier 3 Stage 1) (X), Evade (SS), or Retreat (F) when their familiar was not in line of sight.
  • Farewell (F)
    • Fixed an issue where the resurrection effect would fail in rare circumstances.
  • Entangle (RMB)
    • Entangle has had its cast speed increased.
    • Entangle now has to successfully cancel an enemy's defense skill to apply Knock Down for 3 seconds.
  • True Friend (X)
    • Fixed an issue where the resistance effect would not be applied to the Summoner in rare circumstances.
  • Beckon (E)
    • Fixed an issue where the resistance effect would not be applied to the Summoner in rare circumstances.


  • Pets have been re-designed into two separate items–the Pet Aura and the Pet.
    • Pet Auras retain the attribute bonuses and can be upgraded in the same fashion as before.
    • Pets can now be applied to, replaced on, or removed from Pet Auras to change their visual appearance.
      • If desired, Pets can also be equipped directly to provide 2950 HP.
      • Pets can be converted to Sealed Pet Enhancement Stones via Transmutation.
  • Existing Heroic and Legendary pets can be salvaged to receive the Pet Aura and the Pet items.
  • Ultimate Pet Aura can now be transmuted to Unleashed Pet Aura.
  • A Heroic Pet Aura can be purchased from the General Goods tab of Dragon Express for 10 Gold and 3 Pet Enhancement Stones.
  • The chance of transmuting an Ultimate Pet Aura from a Loyal, Gusty, or Furious Legendary Pet Aura has been increased.


  • Increased the drop rate of Legendary Accessories from 4-member and 6-member Desolate Tomb, Ebondrake Citadel, and Naryu Foundry.
    • Draken Necklace, Draken Ring, and Draken Belt can now be purchased from Dragon Express for tokens acquired from their corresponding dungeons.  4-member dungeons provide more tokens than 6-member.
  • Increased the drop rate of Taikhan's Skin from 4-member and 6-member The Shattered Masts.
  • Increased the drop rate of Forging Orb from 4-member and 6-member Naryu Foundry.
  • Increased the drop rate of Petal of Lament from 4-member and 6-member Sogun's Lament, Cold Storage, and Heaven's Mandate.
  • Increased the drop rate of Naryu Tablet from Heroic Silverfrost dungeons.
  • Increased the drop rate and quantity of Silverfrost Refining Stone from Expert and Heroic Silverfrost dungeons.
  • Sacred Longgui Key is now available from the Premium Membership tab of Dragon Express.
  • Forging Orbs can now be purchased from the Daily Challenge tab of Dragon Express.
  • Antidotes, Mass Revival Charms, and Escape Charms have all been consolidated into a single item each instead of having different items for each region.
    • You can exchange your existing items through the Antiques window.
    • Crafting Guilds, Recipes, NPCs, and Achievements have been updated to reflect this change.


  • Duel Match Battle Frenzy has been added which increases Zen Bean acquisition by 25% from 6:00 AM until 6:00 AM the following day on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • Tag Match Battle Frenzy has been added which will increase Zen Bean acquisition by 25% from 6:00 AM until 6:00 AM the following day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Beluga Lagoon and Whirlwind Valley Frenzy Time now grants 75% additional Battle Point and XP, up from 50%.
  • 1v1 Duel Match Season 1 has begun and will run from January 18 through March 1.
  • Beluga Lagoon Season 1 has begun and will run from January 18 through March 1


  • Fixed and updated a large amount of text, voiceover, and cutscene localization in English, German, and French.