We reveal the teams that are being invited to participate in the Season One Invitational.

The Blade & Soul Championship Series continues with the Season One Invitational! Watch the tournament live on June 25 at 12pm PDT at www.twitch.com/bladeandsoul

Season One Results

Season One ended June 14, and each team has since received their Fighting Points for the season; check out the current standings on the Rankings page! Fighting Points were calculated based on each registered player’s highest-ranking character in the 1v1 and 3v3 ladders.

For the Invitational we’re asking the top 12 teams who earned the most Fighting Points to come and play to earn more FP, as well as additional prizes!


Fighting Points Earned

Prize Money per Team (USD)

















Each participant will receive the Boss Mode costume set, plus 1,200 Hongmoon Coin. You have a chance to win this costume pack as well by watching the broadcast on Twitch, so be sure to tune in!

Team List

Congratulations to the following teams who earned a spot in our Invitational!

1. Hurricane
2. OuO
3. Impact
4. Guardian
5. Flicker
6. Creative Spoon
7. Toxic
8. Karma
9. Small Fan
10. Angelic Nova
11. Infamous
12. LacraTeam (tied)
12. Cwthpy (tied)
12. Téa Party (tied)
12. Slipstream (tied)
12. Unskilled (tied)

The brackets will be posted next week, so make sure to follow our dedicated Esports Twitter page to keep up-to-date with all things Blade & Soul Esports!