An array of new costumes to own, and the arrival of the Currency Exchange.

This week we have a couple new costumes, a new Supply Case, and the introduction of the Currency Exchange. Head to the Hongmoon Store (F10) in-game to purchase these items for your characters; they’re available now!


White Sandraider


Demon Maw

Currency Exchange

The Currency Exchange is now live in Blade & Soul! The Currency Exchange allows for the safe and secure trade of gold for real world purchased currencies between players. For those of you that participated in our beta weekends, you may have already seen the Currency Exchange as we tested its functionality. It remains largely unchanged, but we have made a couple tweaks to the requirements and limits.

You can access the Currency Exchange by pressing Ctrl+C, and then choose to place your own gold for sale, or buy gold from others. A buyer can purchase gold from the Currency Exchange with NCoin, and once purchased, the NCoin will be converted to Hongmoon Coin and be delivered to the seller. Hongmoon Coin can then be used by the seller to purchase a large number of different items and boosts from the in-game Hongmoon Store.


Step 1

Step 2


Selling Gold

Place sell order on Currency Exchange

Sell order purchased by other player

Receive Hongmoon Coin

Buying Gold

Find sell order on Currency Exchange

Purchase gold using NCoin

Receive gold

Each sell order is capped at 1,000 gold, and the number of sell orders that can be placed on the Currency Exchange are limited by number of simultaneous orders, and total per day. See the Premium Membership overview for a list of Currency Exchange limits based on Premium status and rank. Standard exchange rates and expected purchase prices will be displayed by both buyers and sellers to help them make their decisions. There is a 10% commission subtracted by the Currency Exchange from the amount of Hongmoon Coin the seller will receive once a sale is completed, so keep that in mind when setting your prices. Also be aware that each day the system will look at completed sales and attempt to adjust the NCoin price ranges at which gold can be put up for sale. We expect this sale range to adapt fairly rapidly at first, and stabilize over time.

The Currency Exchange allows players to trade gold for NCoin between each other over a safe, secure, and supported platform.

Hongmoon Friendship Chest

The Hongmoon Friendship Chest offers a unique chance at receiving a wide array of rewards and items.

Best Friend
  • Best Friend Costume
  • Hongmoon Brilliant Moonwater Key
  • Moonwater Valor Stone (x5)
  • Sparkling Venture Token
  • Hongmoon Square Diamond
  • Hongmoon Square Amethyst
  • Dragon Trade Pouch
  • Hongmoon Golden Revitalizer
  • Venture Token
  • Hongmoon Key
  • Master Field Repair Tool
  • Hongmoon Unsealing Charm
  • Quick Revival Charm
  • Lucky Healing Tonic
  • Mushin's Tower - 5F Ticket
  • Lucky Jewel
  • Element of Luck
  • Naryu Coin