Enjoy events for the Gunslinger launch from September 13–October 18.

Tower of Memory

The Tower of Memory is an event dungeon available until October 18; challenging groups of 6-players that are level 16 to enter its halls each day and defeat notable enemies from the past within. You can enter with a group from the entrance in Jadestone Village, or be matched up in the Cross Server Dungeon (F8) with others. Weapons are provided for each encounter, and defeating each floor depends on successfully executing each boss’ mechanics—don’t worry about gearing up!

Completing the Tower of Memory daily quest “Not-so-Fond Memories” will provide 3 Memory Bell event tokens.  Additionally, the dynamic quest “Brawn for Poharan” grants a Treasured Memories Chest which is guaranteed to contain 4 Memory Bells, and a chance to also contain additional Memory Bells, 10 Gold, Special Hongmoon XP Charm, the Blood Raid Blindfold adornment, and more.

Additional methods to obtain Memory Bells include:

  • Daily Challenge (3)
  • Dawn of Khanda Vihar weekly dynamic quest “The Memory of Meganura” (6)
  • Hongmoon Store (1 per day, free)
  • Act IV Chapter 38: Endings and Beginnings (65)
    • This is intended to give lower level characters as well as players leveling a new Gunslinger the chance to participate in the event and receive rewards.

Exchange Memory Bells in the Event Tab of Dragon Express for rewards, some of which are listed below:

Blood Raid Set


Constellation Weapon



Blood Raid

Blood Raid Rucksack

Blood Raid Blindfold

Constellation Weapon Chest

Sacred Oil

Hongmoon Hexagonal Amethyst

Special Hongmoon XP Charm

Fleeting Hongmoon Soul (3 hours)

Fleeting Jiwan Soul (3 hours)


Jyansei’s Jackpot Jubilee

Head over to the Hongmoon Store and pick up a Jyansei’s Jackpot for free! Jyansei’s Jackpot can be opened once every 10 hours to receive both guaranteed and random rewards, as well as the next stage of the Jackpot to open later. Get to Jyansei’s Jackpot – Stage 10 and open it to receive the Wonderland Outfit and White Rabbit Hairpiece!

Some of the potential rewards from the various stages include:

  • Sacred Oil
  • Premium Transformation Stone
  • Legendary Gem Hammer
  • Radiant Energy
  • Special Hongmoon XP Charm
  • Raven Feather
  • Hongmoon Square Gems
  • Upgrade Materials
Wonderland Set

A second Jyansei’s Jackpot will be made available for free on September 27 through the Hongmoon Store, and will share the same cooldown as other Jyansei’s Jackpot items. Make sure to log in and open your Jyansei’s Jackpots as often as possible as they can only be opened until October 18!


Extra Confidence

From now through October 18, the Extra Confidence buff which increases Attack Power and reduces damage taken will be available in the following Normal Mode dungeons:

  • Ebondrake Citadel
  • Desolate Tomb
  • Naryu Foundry


Epic Quest Experience Increase

Level up faster as experience gained from Acts 1-4 and Act 6 will be increased by 50% until October 18!


Treasure Trove

The Treasure Trove is now available through October 4. A new bar has been added that will increase each time you use a Treasure Trove Key from the Hongmoon Store. Once the bar is maxed at 40, the next Hongmoon Store Treasure Trove Key usage will guarantee increased rewards! Click here for more information on the Treasure Trove.