Meet the team who won our EU Season One Invitational!

The Season One Invitational was held June 24, and the winners of the tournament are Bad Intentions!

Tournament Recap

8 teams started the morning eager to compete on NCWEST’s first official tournament of the Championship Series! Bad Intentions and Soulbees Airline, as seeds 1 and 2, were able to rest the first round.

Round 3 handed out the first upset of the tournament, as Soulbees Airline lost to up-and-coming team Slackers. The first grudge match of the day between Bad Intentions and Ugly Intentions led to Ugly Intentions falling to the lower bracket.

In Round 4, Soulbees Airline fell to yet another up-and-coming team, Legion Esports, resulting in an early and unexpected departure from the bracket, whereas Ugly Intentions won their match-up against The Foxes easily. Against Legion Esports, Ugly Intentions was able to win the 1v1 sets to take the match.

Bad Intentions and Slackers met in the upper bracket, the first of our semi-finals that we live-streamed. KellyQQ’s Summoner swiftly took down Luki’s Blade Master in the first set, but that was the only win for Slackers as Bad Intentions neatly cleaned up the match 6-1. The synergy in teamwork was palpable in the last tag-team match, as Tenah’s Warlock and Luki’s Blade Master worked together to finish off KellyQQ’s Summoner

Slackers met with Ugly Intentions in the second Semi Final, but they folded under the onslaught. Mr Doot’s Destroyer, in Set 2, practically melted KellyQQ’s Summoner after a well-timed deflect. However, Mr Doot’s Destroyer ended up on the receiving end with a close match in Set 5 against Jiro’s Kung Fu Master in the Slacker’s final push back. Even after a Set 6 forfeit from Ugly Intentions, they managed to win Set 7 to take the match.

The Final pitted Bad Intentions against Ugly Intentions yet again. Ugly Intentions, primed after their slog through the lower bracket, were chomping at the bit to create an upset against Bad Intentions – and they very nearly did: in Set 1, Mr Doot’s Destroyer cleaned the floor with Ryuki’s Assassin.

Bad Intentions was able to retaliate, as they took Set 2 and 3, but faltered in the sets afterwards.

Teams are required to select their rosters blind – i.e. without knowing their opponent’s selections – so it was by pure chance that Tenah’s Warlock matched against Symex’s Summoner – a rivalry notorious in the community. Symex was able to get the upper hand, and Mr Doot’s Destroyer followed up in the next set to make the score even at 3-3.

The final set, the deciding set, was a nail-biter, as each team was desperate to win and take the final. It was an aggressive match, with Luki’s Blade Master taking out Mr Doot’s Destroyer early in the game. Tenah was able to enact revenge against Symex, with Ryuki’s Assassin tagging in to quickly take down the Summoner. Not Empathy’s Blade Dancer fell shortly thereafter, leaving Bad Intentions the undefeated champion of the Season One Invitational.

Interview with Bad Intentions:

1.       Can you give us a short background on your Blade & Soul history?

Tenah: I started playing Blade & Soul when it got released in Europe and my first class was Destroyer. Later on, the Warlock got released and from that time on I play Warlock and try to improve myself every day.

Luki: I've started playing the game on China open beta server ( around 4 years [ago]). Since then I’ve been playing competitively and trying to focus on improving my skill, on mind games and currently just keep improving, looking forward to see myself in a better place

Ryuki: I started playing B&S half a year before EU/NA release. First of all I started playing just for fun, but became more and more interested in PvP. And while playing several hours each day, I saw myself in the top rankings pretty early on release, which increased the fun even more, since I was able to compete vs all the good players. After the first tournaments started, stuff got more serious since money was on the line. While fighting the first tournaments I was rather unsuccessful and I wondered why. After a few tournaments, I started to participate more for the fun rather than just to win and I slowly got better and placed higher in the tournaments. After that I was able to achieve some tournament wins and since today I play most likely for fun than just to win.

2.       How did you find each other and decide to join a team together?

Basically Ryuki and Tenah were friends and Ryuki and Luki. But Luki and Tenah hated each other so much that Luki even ended up getting reported by Tenah which leaded to a short ban. After that we heard about the World Championship announcement and Ryuki tried his best to fix the situation so we could actually make a team. And nowadays we all 3 are good friends.

3.       This is the first time that we’ve done this mix’n’match format, and the teams had to pick their roster blind. What was your strategy coming into the Invitational tournament?

Be as unpredictable as possible and good mind games

4.       What worked well for you playing as a team and what do you think you need to work on as a result of your performance in the Invitational?

After a few misunderstandings in the first game, we were more successful at managing our tag in and tag outs, to provide a solid offensive and defensive composition.

5.       Did you learn anything with this Invitational that you’ll be using for future tournaments?

General Teamplay such as tagging out/in management

6.       What team (existing or composed of other players) would you really like to test your skills against?

We would like to fight any KR/CN top team, simply because playing vs better teams allows you to improve faster and learn from your mistakes.

7.       What’s the ultimate goal for “Bad Intentions” this year? On Dec 31, when you look back, what would make you say that you were successful?

Qualify for World Championship and representing Europe as a good regional representative

8.       If you make it, give us a reason to cheer for you to win the Regional Championships

Cheer for us because we are looking more forward than Regional Championship, since our goal is World Championship


If you want to see more of Bad Intentions’s play and learn tips & techniques, check out their livestreams:

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