It’s not a Blade & Soul birthday without a giant cake and an event! Let’s see what our teams have been baking this year when the 7th Anniversary Festival releases on January 11.

Candycloud Park opens again

If you haven’t met Yippi and Skippi before, let us introduce you to the Candycloud Park! This anniversary event will be available until February 8. You’ll start this celebratory adventure by accepting the “Candycloud on the Horizon” quest in your quest log (press [J]).

Papa Pazhu in Jadestone Village will explain the situation his daughter and friends have been caught in. It involves a floating theme park that was taken over by two “giant babies.” You’ll follow up with the daily quest “Sweet Seventh Anniversary” to get into the event dungeon. Now it’s time to put the fun back into Candycloud Park!

Party Presents

During this event, you’ll earn 7th Anniversary Keys that will expire on March 8. These keys will drop from quests and Daily Challenges:

Daily Quest

Related Dungeon (Boss)


Sundered Reflections

Circle of Sundering (Master Hong)

x1 7th Anniversary Key

Trial of the Ancients

Den of the Ancients (M’ao)

x1 7th Anniversary Key

Master Class

Spectral Shrine (Eva Nakari)

x1 7th Anniversary Key

Master Class: Extra Credit

Spectral Shrine (Eva Nakari)

x1 7th Anniversary Key

Shrouded Dawn

Shrouded Ajanara (Grandmaster Nayul)

x1 7th Anniversary Key

Darkest Dawn

Shrouded Ajanara (Grandmaster Nayul)

x1 7th Anniversary Key

Number of Daily Challenges Completed

Rewards (7th Anniversary Keys)

3 -4




The daily quest “Sweet Seventh Anniversary” will also reward you with seven 7th Anniversary Keys, while the daily quest called “Seven Years of Adventure will give you seven 7th Anniversary Gifts and 1,000 Experience!

Keys Open the Chest

You can use your keys to either open a 7th Anniversary Gift or purchase items in the Dragon Express. The latter has the following to offer:



Cost (7th Anniversary Keys)

Bound Sterling Crystal

2 per account per week


Sacred Vial

2 per account per week


Pet Pack

2 per account per week


Stigma Crystal Fragment

2 per account per week


Ethereal Vial

2 per account per week


Synthesis Stone

2 per account per week


7th Anniversary Cake Headband



Ice Breaker Illusion Weapon Chest



7-day Premium Membership

1 per account


Opening the Festival Chest will give you one of the following items:

Fusion Stone

Hongmoon Gilded Pentagonal Gem Selection Chest

Gilded Square Pet Gem Chest

Shining Gilded Square Pet Gem Chest

Cricket's Hongmoon Quick XP Charm

100-Sacred Crystal Bundle

100-Soulstone Crystal Bundle

100-Elysian Crystal Bundle

100-Moonstone Crystal Bundle

Lastly, the cherry on top of this anniversary cake will be the 7th Anniversary Gift that will grant you some of these presents:



x3 7th Anniversary Coin


x1 Festival Coin

x1 Skystealer Crystal Chest


x1 Special Hongmoon XP Charm

x1 Excellent Reputation Charm

x1 7th Anniversary Cake Headband

x1 Fusion Stone

x1 Synthesis Stone

We hope you’ll wear your anniversary cosmetics with pride for the year to come!