Greetings, Warriors of the Earthen Realm!

As we are moving into 2023, I wanted to start by thanking you, the Blade & Soul community. Your continued support, dedication, and feedback help our team make better-informed decisions to continually improve the game. Your feedback is vital to the future of Blade & Soul, and we welcome your continued constructive comments on the forums and social channels.

To start, I’d like to highlight some feedback-driven changes we made to improve your experience. The introduction of Gold rewards for daily challenges has helped players boost their economic gains and solved the Gold Drought many of you have stressed to us. With the Gold economy in a better place, we are currently gathering and analyzing data to strike a balance between Gold and material acquisition, focusing on making the in-game experience smoother.

We’d also like to highlight the changes to the Dragon Express for Premium members. Hearing from Premium users that the rewards felt outdated and unrewarding was feedback we took to heart. We are glad the reception to the changes based on your feedback has been positive, and this is a great example of how your opinions can affect change in Blade & Soul. We are constantly monitoring the game forums, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, for genuine and constructive feedback from our community. We loved to hear how you enjoyed the recent Wind Walking Race and the introduction of The Darkweald.

Looking forward to the future, I’d now like to discuss an upcoming adjustment to the 2023 content delivery. We shifted to a bi-monthly update cadence in September (see the Producer Letter), but due to a need for additional development time, there will be two months within 2023 with lighter content than we had originally hoped. Plenty of new content is still coming to Blade & Soul this year, and we are excited for you to see those releases! However, we decided to spend additional time preparing, testing, and tailoring some of that content for North America and Europe. The first month with lighter content will be February, and the second is projected for September. We understand less content in any given month is not desired, but we’re confident the overall outcome will be better for the development cycles and your play cycles moving through 2023 and beyond. Rest assured, we are putting all our concerted efforts into making Blade & Soul as enjoyable as can be while respecting your day-to-day time. To that end, the March update is packed with loads of new content that we can’t wait for you all to begin to play with. Stay tuned for an upcoming livestream to preview this content towards the end of February, with more details to come later. Until then, we have a little snippet of what is nearing in March...

For 2023, our main goal as developers is to continue to grow Blade & Soul with the community’s feedback and communicate more about what we are doing. We’ll be putting out a minimum of two Producer Letters per year and providing additional insights throughout the year about our decision-making. Our goal here is to strengthen the communication between the Producers and the Community. We hear your voices and feel strongly that you should feel heard, appreciated, and understood.

We thank you for your continued support and dedication towards Blade & Soul and its community, and we are excited to get the new content in your hands!