January is now in the bag, and we’re ready to unveil Race to the Summit, the next Blade & Soul release going live on February 8! Here’s what you’ll be able to play soon.

Return of The Great Windwalking Race

You loved using your windwalking skills (or improving them) when we released this epic parkour course last year for the Wind Chasers release, so we’re bringing it back! Expect the same amount of jumps, dashes, snow, and rewards.

Blade & Soulmate 2023

February is a good reminder that MMOs live and breathe from the relationships that players create. Consider this event a 🍫 treat for being a good Soulmate.

Soul Boost Season 3

Last but not least, it is time to renew Soul Boost, the months-long event that continues to help all players in their progression. We’re excited for this particular race to continue!

Get your light feet ready for Race to the Summit, releasing on February 8. We’ll see you in the endgame!