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Skysong Isle is Coming May 23
New Challenges are Awaiting You!
We’re excited to announce that Skysong Isle will be released on May 23 and we’re giving you the scoop today, Let’s jump on a quick tour of this update!

New Dungeon: Skysong Isle

In the distant and treacherous past of the northern continent, where relentless disasters persisted. Young girls sacrificed as offerings awaken as fearsome demons. Prepare yourself for an epic battle, traversing the floating island in the sky, as you stand against the mighty "Gale Hex Daiyuna", soaring through the heavens. This dungeon will offer you an experience like no other, and we highly recommend not to miss it, as you can acquire new weapons and accessories. Get a glimpse of the battleground before the epic clash unfolds.

Treasure Draw

Lucky event is back! Enjoy bountiful rewards through simple daily challenges and Login Reward.
Also, don't miss out on the new and improved items!

Battle Pass – New season!

The Battle Pass continues with a brand-new season. Stormtide Season 1 is packed with some great items to make your Blade & Soul experience more rewarding.

Purple Rose Chests

Open some chests for a chance at rare loot. Discover an array of captivating new outfit and invaluable treasures.

System Update

Introducing a new system designed to enhance your Blade & Soul journey.

  • Equipment recommendation will show in case there’s any existing equipment with higher stats than the one equipped currently.
  • The Auto-Enchant System will allow you to enchant with the number you want to enchant by assigning the count.
  • Party Leader can use ‘party Communication message’. It is shown as ‘Headline Message’ to all party members located in the same zone.

And since you’re getting a new Demonsbane dungeon, we’re also adding new weapon, ring, earring, glove and soul badge.

We hope you join us for Skysong Isle on May 23, so tune in for more information about this update during the following week!