With the release of Skysong Isle on May 23, you’ll be able to participate in a new season of the Battle Pass until June 20, 2023.

How to use the Battle Pass

If you’re not familiar with the Battle Pass, this event offers your characters at Level 60, Hongmoon Level 1 or above, a series of quests to complete for extra rewards. Each quest gives you points that increase your Battle Pass level. The Battle Pass - Stormtide Season 1 contains four stages of quests with 52 quests and 40 Battle Pass levels available.

This system is accessed by clicking on the corresponding button located under the mini map. The Battle Pass window will show your Battle Pass level and points at the top, the list of available rewards on the left, and the quests on the right. You can check what quests are available at your current stage to start collecting points.

Challenges in Stormtide Season 1 include logging into the game, completing Daily Challenges, clearing the Skysong Isle Demonsbane dungeon, fulfilling dynamic quests, and exchanging Darkweald Ore.

Battle Pass Rewards

You can increase the rewards of each Battle Pass quest by purchasing a Battle Plaque in the Hongmoon Store ([F10] shortcut). Once you activate the Battle Plaque in the Battle Pass window, you’ll collect the additional rewards for all the levels that you have already completed.

You’ll also find Battle Potions in the Hongmoon Store, that grant Battle Pass - Stormtide Season 1 points to level up faster. Battle Potions can only be used during the Battle Pass Season in which they were purchased!

The following Battle Pass items will be available in the Hongmoon Store until June 20:

Item Name

Cost (NCoin)


Battle Plaque [Stormtide Season 1]



Battle Potion [Stormtide Season 1]



Battle Potion [Stormtide Season 1] (x10)



Battle Potion [Stormtide Season 1] (x150)


1 per account

Battle Pass Rewards

Each time you gain a Battle Pass - Stormtide Season 1 level, you will receive a set of rewards that can be claimed in the Battle Pass window. You can claim multiple rewards simultaneously via the “Collect All” button. Progress on the Battle Pass - Stormtide Season 1 is tracked for each character so that you can complete multiple Battle Passes on your account.

Stormtide Season 1 rewards you with items that include Stormtide Special Reward Recharge Stone to allow you to complete more Demonsbane dungeons. 

Also, there’s a Hongmoon Gilded Heptagonal Gem Selection Chest and a Favored Pet Gem Selection Chest if you purchased a Battle Plaque at the end of your Battle Pass – Stormtide Season 1 journey!

Soulstone, Moonstone, Sacred Orb, Elysian Orb, and their Crystals

Insignia Chests: Master’s and Master’s Special

Oculus Stone Fragment, Wind Stone Crystal

[Darkweald] Hourglass

Refined Unity Radiance Stone Chest

Gilded Pentagonal Garnet and Obsidian

Sacred Vial, Pet Pack, Stigma Crystal Fragment

1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 Gold

Battle Pass - Stormtide Season 1 is coming on May 23, so get ready to quest!