On June 20, we’re bringing new events! Revisit the raid bosses of the past and relish in the nostalgic adventure that awaits. Let’s dive into the details of the “The Raid of Memories” event below. 

How to Participate 

In this event, we’re adding rewards for the raids you have conquered in the past! The quests are newly added to the weekly challenges, and you can receive Raid Coins of Memory upon completion. Don't miss out on getting them as login rewards as well! 

Check the newly added weekly challenge quests!  


Weekly Quest 

Reward (Raid coins of memory) 

Scarlet Conservatory 

End of an Empire 

The Steelbreaker 

Breaking Steel 

Serpent's Den 

Blood and shadows 

Below are the rewards you can obtain by completing a total of 8 quests, including the new weekly challenges. 



Raid coins of memory 

Weekly Challenge Treasure Chest 


Exchange Abundant Rewards at the Dragon Express! 

You’ll amass a good amount of Raid coins of memory before the event ends on July 25. Then make sure to check the Dragon Express before August 22 to exchange your event currency for the following items: 


Cost (Raid coins of memory) 


Sacred Vial 

1 per account per week 

Bound Sterling Crystal 

1 per account per week 

Pet Pack 

1 per account per week 

Stigma Crystal Fragment 

1 per account per week 

Hongmoon Master Scroll 


1 per account per week 

Oculus Portrait Chest 

1 per account per day 

5-Wind stone Fragment chest 

30 per character 

5-Oculus Stone Fragment Bundle 

Upsurge Essence 

Custom Dreamcatcher 

Custom Dreamcatcher Adornment 

Custom Dreamcatcher Mask 

Custom Bloodlust 

Custom Bloodlust Headpiece 

Custom Bloodlust Mantle 

Custom Dreadnought 

Custom Dreadnought Headpiece 

Custom Dreadnought Cape 

Custom Storm Seeker 

Custom Storm Seeker Mask 

Custom Storm Seeker Adornment 

Custom Styx and Stones 

Custom Styx and Stones Headpiece 

Custom Wukong 

Custom Wukong Headpiece 

Custom Dark Devotion 

Custom Idol Threat 

Custom Idol Threat Crown 

Custom Beast Master 

Custom Beast Master Mask 

Custom Beast Master Adornment 

Custom Foxfire 

Custom Foxfire Stole 

Custom Foxfire Head Adornment 

Gold Standard 

Jade Raven Mask 

Violet Raven Mask 

Golden Raven Mask 

 Silver Raven Mask 

Dark Path 


Broken Wing 


Ravenfall Mask 

 Iron Clad 

Iron Clad Ornament 

 Iron Helmet 

Grand Enchantment 


Zulia Hair 

Custom Prime Directive 

 Custom Prime Directive Face Adornment 

Custom Prime Directive Adornment 

Custom Prime Directive Hair 

Scarlet Empire 

Garden Gala 

Scarlet Empire Adornment 

Grand Celestial 

 Grand Celestial Adornment 

Grand Celestial Cowl 

Gear Shift 

Gear Shift Headpiece 


Kingslayer Headpiece 

Kingslayer Adornment 


Escape Artist Hair 

Escape Artist Wheel 

Escape Artist Mask 

Enhance your summer adventures with exciting events and make the most out of the exhilarating experience!