Dragon Express > Exchange, and Premium Membership 

  • Exchange condition for Radiant/Shadowed Starcross Stone Fragment has been changed from Exchange and Premium Membership tab located in Dragon Express. 
  • Skystealer accessory exchange has been removed from Premium Membership tab. 

Dragon Express > Gem 

  • In Dragon Express > Gem tab, more gems are now available for exchange by using Selection Voucher of Hongmoon Gilded Heptagonal Gem and Elite Hongmoon Gilded Heptagonal Gem. 


Ranking > Season 

  • New ranking season begins. 




World Ranking 

Total Tier 

06/20 - 07/25 


Squallsong Isle 

Abyssal Throne 

Chimera Lab 

Sanctum of Masters 

Shrouded Ajanara 

Chevalier Ranking 

Duel Match 

Tag Match 

Whirlwind Valley 

Beluga Lagoon 

Nova Core 

Clan Battleground 

Ranking > Season (Scheduled) 

  • Starting from July update, NA’s ranking schedule will be changed as same as EU’s. 


Settings > Key binding > Close window 

  • Equipment guide has been added. By setting a key binding, you can set On/Off for equipment guide. 


Event > Nostalgia Raid (6/21 Before MA ~ 7/26 Before MA) 

  • Nostalgia Raid has begun. 
  • Through the event, you can obtain Nostalgia Raid Coin and get costumes from Dragon Express. 

Event End > Soul League Season2 

  • Event exchange items have been removed from Soul League Trader.