Introducing the new Chaos Avalanche Den and events coming in the July Content Update. Venture into the bone-chilling blizzard and embark on an adventure starting on July 25!

Dungeon: Chaos Avalanche Den

Are you ready to face the returning Ice Yeti. You must survive against a broader and faster onslaught of attacks. If you're a skilled player, you can lead the battle to victory and save your comrades' lives. Claim the loot from the battles - new necklace, bracelet, belt, and amulet - and level up even further.

Soul Boost Plus

Soul Boost has become even more powerful. In this abundant event, you will have the opportunity to achieve your ultimate goals and acquire more powerful equipment, including new soul, heart, pet, and talisman items.

Dropscotch Event

The Dropscotch event is back once again. Test your luck as you cross the glass panels. Rich rewards await you at the thrilling edge of suspense!

Fortune’s Favor

It's time to test your luck once more – the Fortune’s Favor has returned. Don't miss out on the chance to acquire the adorable “Bunny Suit.”

New Battle Pass Season

The Battle Pass is the ultimate way to enrich your new adventure! With even more powerful rewards than before, enjoy a shower of growth materials.

System Update

The ‘Marking System’ is being added, allowing you to effectively communicate your desired position to your teammates. Now you can conquer dungeons with even stronger teamwork!

Escape the summer heat and dive into the cool battleground on July 25!