Soul Boost Plus arrives on July 25. Quests have been revamped, and rewards have become even more powerful!

How to Participate

Soul Boost Plus works like previous Soul Boost events. You’ll see the Soul Boost icon in the Quest Log. under your Mini Map. Click the icon! Any character can participate, whatever their level is, and even if they didn’t participate in Soul Boost before.

There will be eight stages, and each stage gives you access to a set of quests visible on the left part of the Soul Boost window. Completing these quests rewards you with points that increase your Soul Boost level, displayed at the top of the Soul Boost window. Completing a certain number of quests at some levels will unlock new quests at the next level. There are 40 levels to complete before this event ends on September 19, 2023!


In addition to clearing dungeons, there will be quests that are completed simply by equipping gear. As a result, the number of repeat play quests will decrease. Furthermore, during the process of farming equipment to become stronger, you will naturally be able to clear Soul Boost quests as well.


We’ve also updated the rewards to match the current new tiers of items: Don't forget to obtain the special title through the Battle Pass Premium Offal when you reach level 40!


Updated Soul Boost Reward

Item Progression Facilitated by the Updated Soul Boost Rewards



Upsurge Weapon Evolution Stone

* Available for growth up to stage 11.



Nether and Heavenspark Soul Evolution Stone



Allegiant Heart Evolution Stone

Pet Aura


Supernatural Pet Aura Evolution Stone

Soul Shield

True Poharan Soul Shield Selection Chests



Hongmoon Gilded Hexagonal Attack Diamond, Gilded Pentagonal Garnet, Gilded Pentagonal Obsidian



Bracing Soul Boost Psyche/ Soul Boost Psyche of Courage

Grand Chrysus Psyche, Tayjin's/ Soryan's Grand Psyche


Etching Stone

Mysterious Northern Continent Etching Stone Chests



Brilliant Skysong Isle Insignia/Special Insignia Chests, Brilliant Master's Insignia Chest, Shrouded Ajanara Special Insignia Chest, Sparkling/Sparkling Master's Special Insignia Chests, Brilliant Chaos Avalanche Den Insignia Chest / Brilliant Chaos Avalanche Den Special Insignia Chest



Chaos Avalanche Den Gildstone Chest


Radiance Stone

Refined Unity Radiance Stone Chest, Luminous Radiance Stone Chest, Prized Radiance Stone Chest


Evolution Materials

Moonstone/Elysian/Soulstone/Sacred Crystals, Bound Sterling Crystal, Sacred Vial, Pet Pack, Stigma Crystal Fragment


Soul Boost Plus will continue to reward your characters with a large variety of items. Whether your characters reached level 60 or not, you will find something to help their progressions with items such as the following:

Acquired Taste Renowned Spicy Dumpling Soup

Earthseers Mysterious Luck

Silver Cauldron Awakened Hongmoon Potion, Silver Cauldron Awakened Frenzy Potion

Oculus Essence

Synthesis Stone

Premier Reputation Charm

Twisted Fury, Ajanara Emblem

[Darkweald] Hourglass


Lastly, by completing quests, you can obtain Battle Pass Premium Coins. Exchange these items at the Dragon Express to become even stronger!


Cost (Battle Pass Premium Coins)


Gilded Triangular Pet Gem Selection Chest


4 per account

Hongmoon Gem Powder(x100)


4 per account

Hongmoon Gilded Heptagonal Gem Selection Chest


1 per account

Hongmoon Gilded Hexagonal Gem Selection Chest


7 per account

Dyad Gem Fragment


2 per account

Brilliant Master's Insignia Chest



Refined Unity Radiance Stone Chest


50-Moonstone Bundle


10 per account

50-Elysian Orb Bundle


10 per account

100-Soulstone Bundle


10 per account

100-Sacred Orb Bundle


10 per account

Premium Transformation Stone


10 per account

Sacred Vial



Pet Pack


Bound Sterling Crystal


Stigma Crystal Fragment


Don't miss out on the opportunity to seize powerful rewards before time runs out!