Let Fortune’s Favor shine its lucky light upon you! Partake in this returned limited-time collection event and unlock unique items for your characters.

Access Fortune’s Favor through your menu bar in-game and unlock great rewards with Fortune’s Favor Coins as you progress through the Fortune Boards.

Grab the hottest items in this Fortune’s Favor season—new cosmetics, Gilded Pentagonal Pet Gem Selection Chest, Prized Radiance Stone Chest, Stigma Crystal and new collectible pets can be yours!

Fortune’s Favor Time!

Fortune’s Favor can be accessed from either the main menu or the icon bar in the bottom right corner of the game window. The Fortune’s Favor window will display five boards that each offer different sets of prizes. Purchasing Fortune’s Favor Coins in the Hongmoon Store ([F10] shortcut) will unlock board rewards. Once a board is completed, its progress can be reset with a Fortune's Favor Reset to start earning its rewards again. Here are the Fortune’s Favor items available in the store until August 22:

Item Name




Fortune's Favor Coin (x2)

x2 Fortune's Favor Coin

0 Hongmoon Coin

Limit of 1 per week

Premium Daily Fortune's Favor Coin (x2)

x2 Fortune's Favor Coin

0 Hongmoon Coin

Premium members only, limit of 1 per day

Fortune's Favor Coin (x10)

x10 Fortune's Favor Coin

440 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin (save 10%)

Hongmoon Coin purchase limited to 1 per day

Fortune's Favor Coin (x50)

x50 Fortune's Favor Coin

2080 NCoin (save 15%)


Fortune's Favor Coin (x100)

x100 Fortune's Favor Coin

3920 NCoin (save 20%)


Fortune's Favor Coin (x300)

x300 Fortune's Favor Coin

9849 NCoin (save 33%)


Fortune's Favor Coin (x500)

x500 Fortune's Favor Coin

15600 NCoin (save 35%)

Limit of 1 per account

Fortune's Favor Coin

X1 Fortune's Favor Coin

48 NCoin


Fortune's Favor Reset

x1 Fortune's Favor Reset

96 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin

Hongmoon Coin purchase limited to 2 per day

Playing on the Fortune Boards

The four Fortune’s Favor boards each contain their own set of rewards and require a different amount of Fortune’s Favor Coins to play. Here’s the breakdown:

Fortune Board Number

Cost of a play (Fortune’s Favor Coins)

Reward Categories



New Cosmetic



Radiance&Ancient Splendor Stone / Pet / Etching / NamePlate



Gem / Pet Gem



Growth Material (Oculus, Stigma Crystal, etc.)

Making a play on a Fortune’s Favor board randomly selects a reward that automatically gets added to your inventory. Some items have quantities indicated on their icon, and there are rarer items with a gold border! When you’ve claimed an item the maximum number of times, it becomes locked for that board. When all items on a board have been claimed, the board is completed, and you need to use a Fortune's Favor Reset to play again on that board.

Sweet Rewards

This season of Fortune’s Favor adds Bunny Suit and Wave Maker cosmetics to the game! The new pet available in Fortune’s Favor is the Baby Beast Pet. It also comes with a collection to boost its stats.

Here is a sample of the items you can collect from Fortune’s Favor:

Fortune Board



Moonstone, Soulstone, Elysian, and Sacred Crystals

Bunny Suit, Bunny Suit Ears

Wave Maker, Wave Maker Head Adornment


Baby Beast Pet

Viridian Nameplate, Viridian Speech Box

Favored Pet Pouch

Exalted Hamann Etching Stone

Luminous Ascension Stone Chests, Luminous Radiance Stone Chests, and Prized Radiance Stone Chests


Gilded Pentagonal Pet Gem Selection Chest

Hongmoon Gilded Heptagonal Gem Selection Chest

Dyad Gem Fragment



Stigma Crystal/ Stigma Crystal Fragment

Hongmoon Scroll

Battalion Steel

Fortune’s Favor starts a new cycle on July 25. Make sure to increase your favors before August 22!