Heroic Dungeon ‘Sogun’s Lament’ Rebalanced

Cross-Server Dungeon > Lobby

  • Dungeon category from Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby now has ‘Sogun’s Lament’.

Dungeon > Level/Difficulty adjustment

  • ‘Sogun’s Lament’ has been changed to Heroic Dungeon with up to 6 Party Members.
  • ‘Sogun’s Lament’ now has Easy/Normal/Hard difficulty.
  • ‘Sogun’s Lament’ can be bound depending on dungeon progress.
  • ‘Sogun’s Lament’ can be played once per day with each difficulty, and cannot be unsealed using an item.
  • ‘Sogun’s Lament’ has changes of rewards from quests and NPC drops.


Item > Swellstone

  • New item has been added and can be equipped in Unity > Splendor Stone > ‘Swellstone’.
  • ‘Swellstone’ can be obtained as reward from ‘Sogun’s Lament’.
  • An effect will show once ‘Swellstone’s Splendor Stone point is satisfied.
    ※ If ‘Illusion Effect’ item is equipped together, ‘Illusion Effect’ will show.

Item > Splendor Stone

  • New Mythical Grade Splendor Stone ‘True Stellar/Earthen/Life Ascension Stone’ and ‘True Stellar/Earthen/Life Radiance Stone’ have been added.
  • Transmutation has been added to new Ascension Stone.
  • Transmutation has been added to new Radiance Stone.
  • A few Splendor Stone Chest has been switched to antique items.
    ※ This is exchangeable with ‘Splendor Stone Token’.


Quest > Challenge

  • Daily/Weekly Challenge now have ‘Prized Radiance Stone Chest’.
  • Daily Challenge now has quest ‘Sogun’s Lament’.
    ※ ‘Asura’, the boss of ‘Sogun’s Lament’, is not included in the list from ‘Favor and Fortune’ and ‘A Masterful Task’.

Quest > Common

  • A few changes have been applied to quests.

※ ‘Sparkling /Radiance/Ascension Stone Chest’ and ‘Brilliant Radiance/Ascension Stone Chest’ have been changed to ‘Splendor Stone Token’.


Shop > Splendor Stone Merchant

  • ‘Northern Continent Central Commerce District’, ‘Ajanara Monastery’ now has ‘Trader Kangwik’ and ‘Trader Wikosan’.
    ※ ‘Trader Kangwik’ can exchange ‘Splendor Stone Token’ and ‘Legendary Splendor Stone Chest’.
    ※ ‘Trader Wikosan’ can exchange ‘Splendor Stone’ with ‘Higher Tier Splendor Stone’.
    ※ ‘Trader Kangcha’s items have been moved to ‘Trader Wikosan’.

※ Required items for exchange have been minimized.


System > Unity

  • Splendor Set effect has been extended up to 7,920.

Dragon Express improvements

Dragon Express > Exchange

  • 100-Skystealer Crystal Bundlehas been removed, replacing with 50-Oculus Stone Fragment Bundle.

Dragon Express > Premium Membership

  • 100-Skystealer Crystal Bundle bundle and Sparkling Ascension/Radiance Stone Chest have been removed.
  • 50-Oculus Stone Fragment Bundle, and Oculus Essence have been added.
  • Upsurge Essence > Changed to 5-Upsurge Essence Bundle.
  • Shadow Fury Soul Shield Exchange has been removed.


Event Start > Battle Pass [Hongmoon Heart] (8/22 After Maintenance ~ 9/19 Before Maintenance)

  • Rewards can be obtained by completing tasks in 'Battle Pass [Hongmoon Heart]' from Battle Pass tab.
  • 'Battle Pass Premium Rewards' can be activated by using the 'Battle Pass [Hongmoon Heart]'.
  • Points can be obtained by finishing given tasks.

Event Start > Fortune Falls (8/22 After Maintenance ~ 9/19 Before Maintenance)

  • Event Daily Quest ‘Fortune Falls’ can start by letter quest ‘Taigong’s Letter’.
  • ※ In case you have completed ‘Taigong’s Letter’ quest from early event, you can start daily quest without proceeding with the letter quest.
  • Event Dungeon of ‘Fortune Falls’ can be entered by Viridian Coast > Jadestone Village or Cross-Server Dungeon.
  • Dragon Express > Celebration tab now has ‘Grand Giganuran Coin’ which is exchangeable with items.


Ranking > Season

  • New ranking season begins.
  • There have been some changes to rewards you receive from Demonsbane Dungeon Weekly/Season ranking.




World Ranking

Total Tier

2023/08/22 ~ 2023/09/19

Chaos Avalanche Den

Squallsong Isle

Abyssal Throne

Sanctum of the Masters

Shrouded Ajanara

Chevalier Ranking

Arena Solo Match

Tag match

Whirlwind Valley

Beluga Lagoon

Nova Core

Clan Battleground


Maximum Prestige Points change

  • Maximum Prestige Points each rank can carry has been extended to 5,000.

Shop > Uniform Merchant

  • Faction Uniform tab has been added, and can be exchanged with ‘Infernal Wing Cape’.

Premium Membership

Daily Premium Cache

  • Daily Premium Cache, which is only purchasable with Premium Membership Account, has a few changes with contents.
  • Previous contents of Daily Premium Cache will be kept unchanged.