New Soul Boosts Are Coming

The enhanced Soul Boost returns
to illuminate the new 'Blood Night Season’!


Event Duration: October 24, 2023 - March 26, 2024
Dragon Express Ending:
March 26, 2024

How to Participate
This event allows you to earn rewards as you acquire Soul Boost Points when you clear specific missions. 

All players are automatically eligible for Soul Boost. Instead of collecting tokens and keys and opening chests, everything in this event is tracked in the Quest Log [.] under the mini map in the upper right. Just click the icon! 

The all-new Soul Boost and Soul Boost Plus will be available to enjoy for a delightful 6 months, from October 24, 2023, to March 26, 2024 so don’t feel rushed to complete the content. 

Acquiring Soul Boost Points 

Open the Soul Boost UI to see all the quests eligible for Soul Boost Points. As you complete the required quests, Soul Boost Points will accumulate and increase your Soul Boost level. When you reach the next level, the rewards associated with the level will unlock for you to claim! 

Soul Boost 

If you're a newcomer to the world of Blade & Soul, don't miss out on this essential Soul Boost. Enjoy it with revamped missions and updated rewards.  

There are four Stages of quests and rewards. Each Stage has a specific number of quests needed to be completed before the next stage is available. The quests are designed with missions like maintaining a certain amount of playtime or conquering specific dungeons, including the new 'Sanguine Abyss’. 


You can claim rewards as you reach each level across the four different stages. Each level will give you items to upgrade your equipment or add to your Hongmoon Mastery Level and Unity Level. When you collect all the rewards from each stage, you should have the following upgraded equipment and items: 

Upsurge Weapon – Stage 6 

Oculus Ring – Stage 6 

Oculus Earring - Stage 6 

Oculus Necklace – Stage 6 

Oculus Bracelet – Stage 6 

Oculus Belt – Stage 6 

Oculus Gloves – Stage 6 

True Thunder Spark Soul/True Divine Spark Soul 

True Dauntless Heart 

Unleashed Starborn Pet Aura 

True Overture Talisman 

Mythical Silversteel Amulet 

Poharan Soul Shield Set 

Hongmoon Gilded Hexagonal Gems 

Gilded Triangular Pet Gems 

Twisted Serpent Stronghold Mystic Badge  

Twisted Serpent Stronghold Soul Badge 

Hongmoon Accessories [Power Potential: 300] 

Legendary Psyches 

Reputation Charms 

Hongmoon XP Charms 

Legendary Ascension Stones 

Legendary Radiance Stones 



Soul Boost Plus 

Have you cleared all Soul Boost stages? If so, wear the Soul Boost Outfit obtained from Soul Boost and take on Soul Boost Plus! 'Soul Boost Plus' is located in the tab next to 'Soul Boost.'  

There will be eight stages and 40 levels to complete. As you enhance your equipment and raise your character's level, missions will naturally be completed during the growth process. By clearing the strengthened missions in this new Blood Night Season, you can earn even better rewards.  


We’ve also updated the rewards to match the current new tiers of items: Don't forget to obtain the brand new title through the Blood Night Soul Boost Plus Capsule when you reach level 40! Check out some of the prominent rewards below. 


Updated Soul Boost Reward 

Item Progression Facilitated by the Updated Soul Boost Rewards 


Soul Boost True Upsurge Weapon Chest 

Upsurge Weapon Evolution Stone 



Neather and Heavenspark Soul Evolution Stone 



Alegiant Heart Evolution Stone 

Pet Aura 


Supernatural Pet Aura Evolution Stone 



Skywatch Talisman Evolution Stone 

Soul Shield 

True Poharan Soul Shield Selection Chests 



Gilded Pentagonal Garnet, Gilded Pentagonal Obsidian, Gilded Hexagonal Attack Diamond 



Myna's Grand Psyche,  

Asorak's Grand Psyche, Batara's Grand Psyche, Grand Upsurge Psyche, Dark Flame Psyche, Soul Boost Psyche of Courage 


Etching Stone 

Sparkling Bounty Etching Stone 



Sparkling Insignia Chest, Sparkling Master's Special Insignia Chest, Sparkling Master's Insignia Chest 


Radiance/ Ascension Stone 

Unity Radiance Stone Chest, Luminous Radiance Stone Chest, Prized Radiance Stone Chest, Prized Ascension Stone Chest 


Evolution Materials 

Moonstone/Elysian/Soulstone/Sacred Crystals,  

Bound Sterling Crystal, Sacred Vial, Pet Pack, Stigma Crystal Fragment 


Soul Boost Plus will continue to reward your characters with a large variety of items. will find something to help their progressions with items such as the following: 

Ajanara Emblem 

Acquired Taste Renowned Spicy Dumpling Soup 

Earthseers Mysterious Luck Charm, Silver Cauldron True Hongmoon Potion, Silver Cauldron True Frenzy Potion 

Stormtide Essence 

Synthesis Stone 

Premier Reputation Charm 

Twisted Fury 

[Darkweald] Hourglass 

Battalion Evolution Stone Fragment 

Lastly, by completing quests, you can obtain Blood Night Soul Boost Plus Coin. Exchange these items at the Dragon Express to become even stronger! Please remember that the exchange period is available until March 26, 2024. 


Cost (Blood Night Soul Boost Plus Coin) 


Gilded Triangular Pet Gem Selection Chest 

4 per account 

Hongmoon Gem Powder(x100) 

4 per account 

Hongmoon Gilded Heptagonal Gem Selection Chest 

2 per account 

Hongmoon Gilded Hexagonal Gem Selection Chest 

7 per account 

Dyad Gem Fragment 

2 per account 

Enchantment Stone 

10 per account 

Brilliant Master's Insignia Chest 

Refined Unity Radiance Stone Chest 


50-Moonstone Bundle 

10 per account 

50-Elysian Orb Bundle 

10 per account 

100-Soulstone Bundle 

10 per account 

100-Sacred Orb Bundle 

10 per account 

Premium Transformation Stone 

10 per account 

Sacred Vial 

Pet Pack 


Bound Sterling Crystal 


Stigma Crystal Fragment