Sogun’s Lament Boost Event 

Conquer Asura and boost your gear! 

Event Duration: October 24 - November 21
Dragon Express Ends: December 19

Starting from October 24th, the Splendid Rewards of Sogun’s Lament are pouring in!  

How to Participate 

You’ll see the Soul Boost icon in the Quest Log under your Mini Map. Click the icon!  

There will be two stages in this event’s tap, and each stage gives you access to a set of quests visible on the left part of the Soul Boost window. Completing these quests rewards you with points that increase your Soul Boost level, displayed at the top of the Soul Boost window. Embark on the daily quest in Sogun’s Lament to fulfill your missions.  


There are 12 levels to complete before this event ends on November 21! At every level achieved, you can claim your rewards. Take a sneak peek at some of the rewards you can get! 

Exalted Bounty Etching Stone 

Sparkling Portrait Chest 

[Darkweald] Hourglass, Titan's Heart Dragon Tonic 

Sacred Vial, Pet Pack, Stigma Crystal Fragment, Bound Sterling Crystal 

Earthseers Mysterious Luck Charm 

Sogun's Token 

Don't forget to exchange for Sogun's Token - you can exchange them for the new costumes at the Dragon Express. You can exchange these items until December 19. 


Cost (Sogun's Token) 


Time-Honored Adornment 

Time-Honored Hat 

How many completions do you think you can get before November 21? Make sure to party with fellow players for added fun!