Defenders Of Handan Village Duration: November 21 - December 20
Dream Soul Pass Duration:
November 21 - December 20

The Heroic Dungeon 'Bloodshade Harbor' has now been rebalanced with new additions and features! It's time to revisit the harbor! Alongside this update, the 'Defenders of Handan Village’ event will begin, where players must defeat Boarealis in the Deadlands. Once Boarealis is defeated, the Guriguri Bandits will appear! Finally, we've also included the Dream Soul Pass, where players can acquire many awards.



Cross-Server Dungeon > Lobby

  • Dungeon category from Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby now has ‘Bloodshade Harbor’, which allows up to 6 players to enter.

Dungeon > Rank/Difficulty Adjustment

  • ‘Bloodshade Harbor’ has been changed to a ‘6-Player Heroic Dungeon’.
  • ‘Bloodshade Harbor’ now has Easy/Normal/Hard difficulties.
  • ‘Bloodshade Harbor’ may be bound depending on dungeon progress.
  • ‘Bloodshade Harbor’ can be played once per difficulty on a daily basis, and cannot be reset with item.
  • ‘Bloodshade Harbor’s quest rewards and NPC drop rewards have been changed.
  • Bloodshade Harbor Trader NPC ‘Jin Gyoli’ now has Exchange(Coin) tab.

Quest > Challenge

  • Daily Challenge List now has ‘More Blood in the Water’ quest.
  • Weekly Challenge List now has ‘Carve Out Your Own Legend’ quest.
  • ※ Progress count for ‘Carve Out Your Own Legend’ is not included in ‘Easy’ difficulty.



Item > Psyche

  • Added new ‘Thrasher’s Psyche’ and ‘Grand Thrasher’s Psyche’ that can be used to augment a Legendary or higher Soul Badge.
  • Added new Psyche ‘Blood Mane’s Psyche’ and ‘Grand Blood Mane’s Psyche’ that can be used to augment a Legendary or higher Mystic Badge.
  • Added new Psyche ‘Cobalt Widow’s Psyche’ and ‘Grand Cobalt Widow’s Psyche’ that can be used to augment Legendary or higher Soul Shield 1~4.
  • Added new Psyche ‘Scarlet Widow’s Psyche’ and ‘Grand Scarlet Widow’s Psyche’ augmentable on Soul Shield 5~8 with over Legendary grade.

Item > Soul Shield Primer

  • 11 new Soul Shield Primers are added, available for Soul Shield Evolution.




Mushin’s Hall > Shop

  • Dragon Trader Gang Sanghae > ‘Exchange (Blood Knight)’ tab now has ‘Ichoron’s Heart’.




Hongmoon Points > Item

  • Hongmoon Points obtainable by item is raised from 40 to 100.

[Update schedule Pending – Expecting November] Market Commission

  • Market commission has been adjusted.

Currency Exchange

  • The maximum amount of gold allowed has been raised from 1,000 to 100,000.




Ranking > Season

  • New ranking season begins.
  • Rewards from Tier/Demonsbane Dungeon/Sanctum of the Masters have been changed.
  • The changes to Ranking Reward will take affect after 11/21.




World Ranking

Total Tier

11/21 ~ 12/19

Sanguine Abyss

Chaos Avalanche Den

Skysong Isle

Sanctum of the Masters

Shrouded Ajanara

Chevalier Ranking

Arena Solo Match

Tag Match

Whirlwind Valley

Beluga Lagoon

Nova Core

Clan Battleground




Event Start > Defenders of Handan Village (11/21 After MA ~ 12/20 Before MA)

  • ‘Defenders of Handan Village’ begins.
  • Boarealis will appear in Handan Village > The Deadlands.
    ※ Once Boarealis is defeated, ‘Guriguri Bandits’ will appear.





09:00 PM

11:00 PM

  • Northern Continent > Handan Village has ‘Earthen Wheel of Fate.
    ※ Valuable rewards are obtainable from ‘Earthen Wheel of Fate’.
  • Finish quest ‘Notice: Now Recruiting for the Hamann Expedition Unit’ and get ‘Earthen Wheel of Fate Ticket’.
  • Complete quest ‘A Realm of Dreams and Nightmares’ from ‘Sanguine Abyss’ and get ‘Earthen Wheel of Fate Ticket’.

Earthen Wheel of Fate

Blood Night Bonus Reward Reset

Stormtide Bonus Reward Reset

Soul Wardens Brilliant Insignia Chest (Heroic)

 Exalted Bounty Etching Stone Chest

Northern Continent Debuff Damage Soul Shield Primer

Northern Continent Critical Damage Soul Shield Primer

Buried Coin Chest

Guriguri Bandit’s Treasure Box

  • Event Quest ‘Notice: Now Recruiting for the Hamann Expedition Unit’ has been added.
    ※ Complete Epic 12 Chapter 11 to get letter from Quest Journal.

Event Start > Dream Soul Pass (11/21 After MA ~ 12/20 Before MA)

  • Complete tasks in the ‘Dream Soul Pass’ tab located in SoulPass and obtain rewards.
  • 'Dream Battle Plaque Rewards' can be activated by using ‘Dream Battle Plaque’.
  • Points can be obtained by finishing tasks.