An opportunity to grow stronger with Ichoron’s Heart! Starting November 21, a new Battle Pass season begins! The Dream Battle Pass!

For those unfamiliar with this system, Battle Pass is an event in which characters at Level 60, Hongmoon Level 1 or above can participate. You complete various challenges that give you points and level up your Battle Pass. There are 10 levels available, and they’re organized into four stages containing different sets of challenges and rewards. 


How to use the Battle Pass

You access the Battle Pass by clicking on its button under the mini map. You’ll find your Battle Pass level and points, the list of challenges and rewards in this window. Check what quests to complete at your stage to start collecting points! Challenges include accessing the game for a certain amount of time or clearing dungeons. 

You can increase the Battle Pass rewards by purchasing a Battle Plaque in the Hongmoon Store ([F10] shortcut). Activate your Battle Plaque in the Battle Pass window and collect additional rewards for the levels you’ve already completed.

The following Battle Pass items will be in the Hongmoon Store until December 19.

Item Name 

Cost (NCoin) 


Dream Battle Plaque


 no limit


Battle Pass Rewards

Each Battle Pass level you reach will grant you a set of rewards to be claimed in the Battle Pass window. You can claim multiple rewards simultaneously via the “Collect All” button. Progress on the Battle Pass is tracked for each character so that you can complete multiple Battle Passes on your account. 

The Dream Battle Pass will reward you with items that include the following: 

Battalion Steel

Battalion Evolution Stone Fragment

Battalion Fragment

Battalion Soul Shield Fragment

Blood Night Stone Crystal

Ichoron's Heart

Titan's Heart Dragon Tonic

[Darkweald] Hourglass