Hello, Blade & Soul players!

In today’s Soul Log, we’d love to give a peak behind the scenes at some of our favorite content changes to the latest ‘Bloodshade Harbor Rebalanced’ update! Many of you have already gone into action with this revamp, but it’s possible you may have missed some of our favorite additions. Check out the latest Soul Log below!

As a reminder, our first Soul Log was released last week: a Character Profile of Anya, from the new Sanguine Abyss update. You can read it here.


- The Scenery of Bloodshade Harbor –


Following the revamp of 'Sogun's Lament', we have proceeded with this revamp to reinterpret the usage of past dungeons and minimize its experience being left behind.

With this revamp, you will be able to obtain the necessary Psyches for Soul Badge, Mystic Badge, and Soul Shields, as well as the Soul Shield Primers needed for Soul Shield growth.

Additionally, you can acquire growth materials such as Blood Night Stones and Blood Night Stone Crystals required for upgrading.

Thrasher’s Psyche

Blood Mane’s Psyche

Cobalt Widow’s Psyche

Scarlet Widow’s Psyche

Hae Mujin’s Coin

Augment Legendary grade or above

Soul Badge

Augment Legendary grade or above

Mystic Badge

Augment Legendary grade or above

Soul Shields (Stage 1-4)

Augment Legendary or above

Soul Shields (Stage 5-8)

Exchange - Various items, including Bloodshade Harbor Soul Shield Primers, available for exchange at Bloodshade Harbor Trader Jin Gyoli

Furthermore, the dungeon was revamped as a 6-player dungeon. You can team up with your party members and defeat the boss monsters to obtain the rewards necessary to upgrade your gear.


First Zone - Venomous Thrasher


Second Zone - Blood Mane


Third Zone - Cobalt Widow/Scarlet Widow




Fourth Zone - Hae Mujin




While some of you may reminisce about the memories of Bloodshade Harbor and enjoy the nostalgia, we understand that some of you may be disappointed for not encountering new challenges.

But don't worry! We are preparing new content that will be unveiled very soon and are putting all our efforts into delivering the best experience possible.

Here is a sneak peek of one of the next dungeons we are excited to unveil soon: Frostfire Foundry!