Dear Blade & Soul players,

Whether you are current B&S players or returning ones, the new Blade & Soul NEO team would like to thank you for the overwhelming interest and support you've shown towards NEO all across the internet!

We understand that there are many questions surrounding NEO Classic, so we would love to take a second to talk about a few of our immediate upcoming plans:

The Soul Log Series

Through this newly launched Soul Log series available on our website, we will be exploring various behind-the-scenes stories of NEO Classic. This could include art reveals, game design breakdowns, interviews with the developers, and more!

Blade & Soul NEO Microsite

We are gearing up to unleash a new NEO Classic microsite, showcasing in-game images and NEO-exclusive content. Stay tuned for news of this new site's release!

Official Blade & Soul Discord Server

Discord has proven itself to be a valuable tool to gaming communities across the world. Our team is preparing to launch our first Official Discord server for the Blade & Soul series that will allow players to directly interact and engage with the development team. In a response to the numerous NEO discussions and questions that you have all shared across the internet, we are also excited to use this to discuss and unveil new B&S NEO content as well. Your ongoing support and interest will be highly valued here!

NEO Combat Video Teasers

Before we dive into more details via the Soul Log series and upcoming microsite, we are excited to show you two new quick videos that provide a glimpse of NEO's battles. Blade & Soul's combat has always been a major highlight of the game and for NEO, we are currently focusing on restoring the classic combat style of Blade & Soul while incorporating unique elements for a new enjoyable experience.



The video above showcases the current development of restoring this classic combat style of Blade & Soul!



This video shows off our combat development in the Tomb of the Exiles dungeon.

More detailed information about each class is in the works, so please continue to check in for news! We are still meticulously adjusting the beloved costumes, various adornments, backgrounds, and martial arts effects that received significant attention and love in Blade & Soul.

New Blade & Soul NEO Classic Poster

As a token of our appreciation and excitement, we are excited to release a new NEO Classic poster. May this act as a small gift towards the future memories we all hope to create with you!  You can even download the high resolution copy here.



We sincerely appreciate your continued support and interest in our upcoming project. Stay tuned for some exciting updates coming your way soon.

Thank you!