In celebration of the holidays, we have prepared new rewards for the Holiday Treasure Trove. Good luck and Happy New Year Crickets!

The Treasure Trove will run from December 19, 2023 to January 16, 2024, and we have prepared new costumes and growth materials.

If you are new to the Treasure Trove, check instructions here on how to participate. Let’s dive into this season’s trove!


Treasure Trove Rewards

This Treasure Trove is packed with items just for you: new cosmetics, materials, gems, equipment, and more. The new costumes this time are Holiday-themed. If you can obtain these Holiday costumes, you'll be able to have a very warm and festive holiday in style!




Decked Illusion Weapon Chest, School of Plaid, School of Plaid Cap, Decked Sweater, Decked Sweater Hair, Decked Sweater Wings, Holiday Nameplate, Holiday Speech Box



Divine Spark Talisman, Stormtide Ring Chest, Stormtide Earring Chest, Stormtide Gloves, Stormtide Necklace Chest, Stormtide Bracelet Chest, Stormtide Belt, Eminent Obsidian, Eminent Obsidian Garnet, Hongmoon Gilded Octagonal Obsidian Garnet, Hongmoon Gilded Octagonal Obsidian Garnet, Dyad Gilded Octagonal Gem Manifest Soul, Zealous Heart, Special Insignia Chests from Demonsbane Dungeons


Battalion Soul Shield Fragment, Battalion Fragment, Brilliant Portrait Coin, Battalion Soul Badge Fragment, Battalion Amulet Fragment, Battalion Mystic Badge Fragment, Demonsbane Accessory Fragment Selection Chest, Wind Wave Fragment Selection Chest, Poharan Coin, Sacred Oil / Pet Pod / Sterling Crystal /Stigma Crystal, Battalion Steel, Exalted Bounty Etching Stone


Brilliant Potrait Chest, Ichoron Psyche, [Blood Night] Sparkling Relic Jar


Treasure Trove in the Hongmoon Store

The Hongmoon Store will also have all your Treasure Trove supplies. Premium members can get a free key daily. Multiple bundles of the Treasure Trove Key and the Treasure Trove Expansion are available— buy more, and you will save more with our bundled discounts!




Treasure Trove Key

49 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin

Limit 20 per day with Hongmoon Coin

Premium Membership Daily Treasure Trove Key

0 Hongmoon Coin

Limit 1 per day; Premium Members only

Treasure Trove Key (x3)

60 NCoin (59% off)

Limit 1 per account

Treasure Trove Key (x10)

441 NCoin (10% off)


Treasure Trove Key (x50)

2083 NCoin (15% off)

Treasure Trove Key (x100)

3920 NCoin (20% off)

Treasure Trove Expansion

199 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin

Treasure Trove Expansion (x6)

955 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin

For the ultimate troving experience, check out the Treasure Trove Master Bundle, that will save you 28% off the total cost of purchasing the items individually!





Treasure Trove Master Bundle

Treasure Trove Key (x100)

Treasure Trove Expansion (x6)

4397 NCoin Only

(Save 28%)

Limit 1 per account

This Treasure Trove is sure to make your adventures more epic, so remember to check it daily until January 16, 2024. Happy troving Crickets!