Greetings, Blade & Soul Family! 

Today’s Soul Log is from Art Director Hyungwook Park, who will be talking about Part 2 of the Cinderlands and the renewed design of the monsters you’ll come across in various parts of the region. We hope you enjoy it!  

Let's Begin

The truth is, we’ve already shared some of NEO Classic’s Cinderlands in the Combat Soul Logs that were shared prior to the Soul Log. We showcased Field Boss battles against Pinchy and the Golden Deva, as well as the desert Faction Battle. 

I must admit, showcasing the Cinderlands in an incomplete state felt a bit disappointing. However, this process was necessary for gathering valuable feedback from players and checking whether that feedback was in line with what we were aiming to improve. 

For example, in the Golden Deva combat showcase, we received comments expressing that details in the sand tornadoes felt lacking. 


Based on that feedback, we were able to improve the look of the tornadoes and reintroduce them with better details (as shown below). 


We understand that sharing these types of processes with assets that are still in development may feel inadequate now, but we hope you can see them as part of our effort to earnestly showcase NEO Classic in its full unabashed glory. 

The Cinderlands - Part 2

In addition to the region, we are renewing the appearances of characters and monsters.

The bosses and monsters of Blade & Soul have always been admired for their unique designs. We wanted to make sure that they don’t look outdated within the remastered backgrounds and environments of NEO Classic, so we are working on improving their qualities as well. 

For example, these are the changes for the Golden Deva, a Field Boss you’ll meet in the Scorching Sands. 

(You can see the Before/After through this GIF) 

The metal and skin details are brought to life by improving the low texture quality from more than a decade ago. 


In the case of Rawhide Top Dog Wu Fo, the texture of the metal, fabric, and fur have all been improved. 

We hope you’ll look forward to facing off against these improved monsters in the updated environment.   


From Art Director Hyungwook Park