Greetings, Blade & Soul Family  

Today we’d like to present the second part of Blade & Soul NEO Classic's Developer Commentary video: "Developing NEO Classic". Again, we’ve included localized English captions so that you can enjoy this special commentary from the directors themselves!  

In this video we’ll be talking about the direction of content development, which includes the growth path  

We know that a lot of you who are eagerly awaiting Blade & Soul NEO Classic have expressed curiosity regarding the release schedule.  

As we mentioned at the start of our Soul Log series, our biggest goal is not to have players return simply for nostalgia's sake, then leave after playing the game for only a couple of months.   

We aim to recreate the classic Blade & Soul, cleansed of all past disappointments, so that it can be enjoyed together for many years to come.  

Thus, we’ve earnestly shared our development process without holding back and have worked on reflecting many valuable opinions from the players in our development. Some of which include:   

  • Confirming the combat sensibilities that player miss (such as the Kung Fu Master’s Normal Attack-Swift Strike)
  • Improving hit effects
  • Adding jewel effects like Amethyst
  • Improving balance, combat, and economy systems, and much more 

We too want to provide a clear schedule for NEO Classic’s release. However, we fear that by promising a release date, we’ll end up releasing NEO Classic in an incomplete state for the sake of keeping that promise, even before fully implementing the changes that players wish for.    

We would like to sincerely apologize that we can’t satisfy your curiosity regarding the release schedule at this time.   

However, we promise to give it our all in creating the best possible version of Blade & Soul NEO Classic that will surpass your expectations and reward you for your patience.  

Thank you.  

From General Director Hongjae Kim