Greetings, Blade & Soul Family

Today we’d like to share with you the core of Blade & Soul’s PVP content – The Arena.

The Thrill of The Arena in NEO Classic

The Arena is a crucial component of PvP in Blade & Soul. It is a place where you can thoroughly experience the essence of combat. There is nothing like the satisfaction of breaking through a gap in the opponent’s defenses and performing flashy combos to take control of the battle while fully utilizing the potential of your class.

In order to deliver the same satisfaction as the old Arena, we’ve made adjustments so that players can freely experiment with builds by combining various equipment stats and Skills depending on the opponent.

Players will be able to enjoy a completely new style of combat by integrating the newly added Skills into the familiar combos used in the past.

Also, we’re preparing a lot of Arena exclusive rewards that can be used in other game content, such as cosmetic items like outfits and titles.

We hope you enjoy the satisfaction of earning rewards as well as the thrill of combat in the Arena.

In NEO Classic, the matchmaking system has been improved to match players with others who fit the player's specifications.

In addition, for players who are hesitant to participate in PVP content, we’ve made sure that you can still earn rewards just by diligently participating.

We hope that everyone can enjoy the fun and unique challenges of the Arena.