If your Familiar had a fantasy, would it involve riding around in a flying saucer and growing into an abnormally enormous size to pounce on its prey? Does it include bubbles, lasers, and neon stars? Perhaps this dream isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds, as Summoners can now learn the Way of Fantasy to bring their Familiar’s dream into reality!

Way of Fantasy

 A whimsical warrior that generates Sparkle, Cattery, and Starpoints to unlock fantastical skills for them and their Familiar.

This class specialization has the Familiar as a ranged damage dealer and aims to improve solo Summoner play. Like other third specializations, Way of Fantasy has effects that need to be managed to maximize damage per second. These effects are Sparkle, Cattery, and Starpoint. This may seem like a lot to manage, but going through the skill rotations will automatically generate and stack these effects.

A key component of Way of Fantasy is that your cat gets to pilot a flying saucer with Flyer (Tab). This Flyer Stance sticks around until you return back to the Basic Stance using Touch Down (Tab). In Flyer Stance, your skill usage will generate and stack Cattery, Starpoint, and Sparkle effects—these effects not only dictate your skill rotations, but command certain Familiar skills.

Zing (LMB) and Pizzazz (RMB) generate Sparkle. Sparkle then turns into Cattery upon 5 stacks. Cattery is used by your Familiar to automatically lob Sky Bombs. Keep your Cattery stacks up so your Familiar can continue to use Sky Bombs.

When your Familiar uses Sky Bombs, it creates Starpoints. Using Starstruck (2) also generates Starpoints. When 5 Starpoints are available, use Starbright (2) to unleash a barrage of pink stars. Rocket (F) inflicts a nice chunk of damage upon use and triggers the Lucky Stars effect for 10 seconds. The Lucky Stars effect allows Starbright to be spammed without consuming Starpoints for 10 seconds!

Like with Thorns and Swarm, keep Huzzah! (Z) on your rotation to use every time it comes off cooldown to keep your HP recovery up for you, your Familiar, and party.

Accessories and Badges

Legendary Stage 10 or Awakened raid Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings can be evolved to the third specialization through the Equipment Management system by using a Fantasy Emblem. Purchase Fantasy Emblems from the Dragon Express for 1 Gold.


To change specializations for the Stage 10/Awakened Bracelets, you’ll need the appropriate Unrefined Bracelet and other materials.

Stage 10/Awakened
Current Bracelet

Target Bracelet

Unrefined Bracelet Offering

Other Materials

Stormsiege/Wildsong Bracelet

Thundercall Bracelet

Unrefined Thunder Call Bracelet

x3 Elder Scales

70 Gold

Wild Rage/Storm Rage

Thunder Rage Bracelet

Unrefined Thunder Rage Bracelet

x3 Nocturnal Scales

70 Gold

Legendary Mystic Badges and Soul Badges can be swapped through the Equipment Management system by using the appropriate Mystic/Soul Badge Essence from the Warrior's Mystic/Soul Badge Essence Chest or Master's Mystic/Soul Badge Essence Chest that can be purchased from the Dragon Express for 1 Gold. Once you select your Essence, you can use it to evolve your Soul Badge for a cost of 10 Gold.. You can swap back and forth as many times as you want.


Way of Fantasy adds a level of silliness we haven’t seen for class specializations. Give it a try and embrace the Familiar’s fantasy! Mischief Makers launches April 14.