As part of our Unreal Engine 4 upgrade, we are planning to implement a more responsive dungeon combat system, to make battles feel more immersive. For many dungeons, the gameplay was straight-forward—learn the mechanics, DPS the boss. Unique plays or heroic efforts weren’t appreciated or encouraged.

In the new responsive dungeon combat system, the aim is to provide positive responses to your skill combos. We want each and every move during a fight to feel meaningful, and provide acknowledgement for combos that are done well.  The end goal with this system is to get the player more invested and immersed into executing skilled combos.

Scoring Based on Synergic Plays

Contributions to other synergies, such as joint attacks and party protection skills, will now be factored in, as opposed to direct DPS numbers. For the various fighting combos made, the game will provide a positive response to encourage you to keep going and let you know what’s working. We want to go back to allowing you to hone your own play style and skills.

Scoring Based on Actions

On a successful joint attack usage

On a successful party protection skill usage

Animated Positive Response

On a successful combat combo, you’ll receive an immediate response through a game animation. A successful combo is essentially reacting accordingly to an attack—whether dodging, parrying, countering or resisting. We want to give you an indicator when something was done well.

Reponses to successful moves

On a successful Block

On a successful Resistance

Highlighted Moments Record

MVP mentions can also be collected in each dungeon, and there will be a record of every moment you’ve done well. With the new dungeon difficulty system, a new progress bar is also being developed to display on the in-game dungeon UI.


We have lots more great changes coming to Blade & Soul in our Unreal Engine 4 upgrade in Q3!