Thornwind Cavern

  • 6-player Heroic Dungeon
  • Recommended for Level 60 – HM 23 (Easy Difficulty) HM 25 (Hard Difficulty)

The memory of Madun reemerges as Chundoon seeks help to bring closure to Madun’s exceptional Familiar, Uzume, who is inconsolable in Thornwind Cavern after Madun’s sacrifice.

Of course—no request is ever that simple! The Inner Conclave has invaded Thornwind Vale, spreading a poisonous Dark Chi that has turned Uzume’s grief into a wild rage…

Rewards for subduing Uzume include materials to upgrade to the next line of Legendary PVE Bracelet, Earring, and Ring.

New Talisman Tier

It’s time to upgrade your Overture Talisman to the next tier—Skywatch! Upgrading your Talisman increases your HP and Defense stats, so if you haven’t upgraded your Talisman in a while, this might be a good time to do so as there will be a cost adjustment for the lower tiers.

Daily Perks Calendar

The ol’ Daily Dash has had an excellent five-year run, and a new successor will take its place. You’ll be able to look ahead and see all the daily rewards available. Every day you log in, you’ll be able to claim the reward for your daily visit.

The rewards on the calendar are guaranteed to get if you log in to collect!


Winds of Rage makes its way on May 12. More information to come!