As always, selecting the winners for the 2021 Loading Screen Art Contest is no easy task. We greatly appreciate the effort put into each submission; it’s wonderful to see such fantastic talent within the Blade & Soul community.

The ten (10) winners will receive:

  • 8000 Hongmoon Coins
  • One Costume Outfit of choice (restrictions apply)
  • Winning artwork will be added to the random loading screens in-game

Presenting the Grand Prize Winners!

The ten (10) winning entries have been embedded below, and you can view all participants on our Forums. Enough small talk and pencils down!

The winners are...

Keziedra - Jinsoyun Ishtaran - Jinsoyun
Indïa - Jinsoyun Zeromon - Yura
FreyaDLuna - Yura Sizuu - Jinsoyun
Fae - Jinsoyun Kokujin Seishin - Jinsoyun
Shaynee - Yura hyonae - Jinsoyun

The Runners-up

The five (5) runners-up have been picked from all qualified submissions and will each receive:

  • 2000 Hongmoon Coins

The winners for our runners-up rewards are:

Kyerâ - Yura Junivyr - Yura
Dpaw - Jinsoyun Palavar - Yura
Jaethilh - Yura

If you see your name up top, please keep an eye on your Messages inbox on our forums, where we’ll reach out to you for more information to distribute your prizes.


Thanks again to everyone that participated in this year’s Loading Screen Art Contest! More contests are being planned for the Blade & Soul community so keep an eye out for future opportunities to showcase your talent.

See you in the Earthen Realm!