Our Unreal Engine 4 Update grows nearer and with it comes increased game optimization, updated game graphics, new content, and more. As we make our internal preparations for this momentous release, we want to make sure you’re prepared as well with our Hongmoon Resurgence events launching on August 11.

New Events Rewards

We hope you have inventory space for all these new rewards! Complete Daily Challenges to collect Hongmoon Resurgence Boxes. These Boxes contain crystal upgrade materials, Hongmoon Resurgence Tokens, and a chance for other rewards such as Hongmoon Quick XP Charms, Sacred Vials, Fusion Stones, and more.

Hongmoon Resurgence Tokens can be spent in the Dragon Express for items like the Hongmoon Resurgence Outfit Voucher and the Hongmoon Resurgence Adornment Voucher. These Vouchers can’t be spent right away but once UE4 launches,  we’ll replace the Vouchers with the appropriate Selection Chests!

Supernatural Pet Aura

Upgrade your Starborn Pet Aura to the next tier, Supernatural! Don’t worry if you haven’t maxed out your Pet Aura yet because the lower tiers will have their cost adjusted on August 11.

Fortune’s Favor Returns

The Fortune Boards are back in Fortune’s Favor. Spend Fortune’s Favor Coins on four different boards with rewards that range from cosmetics to the latest upgrade material and more. All players can collect 2 Fortune’s Favor Coins once per week and Premium Members can pick up 2 additional Coins each day.