Are you ready for our Unreal Engine 4 Update? Better game optimization, updated graphics, new systems, and a new playable class will be available on September 8!

Revival Packs

We’ve put together special packs for the Unreal Engine 4 Update. Revival Packs have an assortment of items ranging from Premium Membership, Dragon Soups, Dragon Trade Pouches, Fusion Stones, Exceptional Reputation Charms, and the exclusive Galaxy Wings. Pick one of three available Revival Packs that suit your needs—any Pack purchase unlocks the Master of the Realms title.

Click here to learn more about the Revival Packs.

Sign Up for Our Newsletter

If you haven’t signed up for newsletters from Blade & Soul and NCSOFT, be sure to do so!  This way you will never miss on the latest news and updates as well as special offers, such as the Dark Omen Bundle, which includes the Dark Omen costume and other consumables. Players that have logged into the game since August 12 and are subscribed to both Blade & Soul and NCSOFT newsletter will receive the Bundle on September 15.

To sign up, log in to your NCSOFT account, and go to Settings. Under Email Preferences, make sure the boxes are checked for Blade & Soul and NCSOFT. 

Update Preview Livestream

Brett and Linda will be back on the Twitch screen to give a hands-on preview of our Unreal Engine 4 Update on Thursday, August 26 at 11 a.m. PDT (8 p.m. CEST) on They’ll show off the latest graphics and game content, including the upcoming playable class, Dual Blade!


Mark your calendar—the Unreal Engine 4 Update launches on September 8. Visit our refreshed Revival site for more information!