Now that the Unreal Engine 4 Update has launched, this is a great time to invite a friend to join you in your adventure in the Earthen Realm. Help your friend reach level 60 and you both can score a bundle of items!

How to Participate

  • Event Period: September 8 – October 6

To take part in the Refer-A-Friend event:

  • Your referred Friend needs to create a new NCSOFT account, download Blade & Soul, and create a character in game.
  • Log into the game yourself and head to the Hongmoon Store and use the ‘Gift’ option to send your Friend the Gift of True Friendship
    • The Gift of True Friendship is only available once per account, and we’re using this item to track your referral so make sure you send it to the correct Character name.
    • If you’re having trouble finding your Friend, make sure you’ve added them to your Friends list in the game!
  • If your Friend is Level 60 by October 6, we’ll reward you both with an item bundle! The rewards will be distributed during the maintenance on October 13th.
    • Please note that players who have already reached Level 60 and “received” the Gift of True Friendship will not qualify for the rewards. Only new accounts who reach Level 60 during the event period will be rewarded along with the friend that invited them and sent them the Gift of True Friendship item.


You and your friend will get this item bundle if they hit Level 60 by October 6. Rewards will be distributed on October 13.

The bundle includes:

  • 10 x Fusion Stone
  • 5 x Pet Pack
  • 2 x Sacred Vial
  • 10 x Legendary Gem Hammer
  • 2 x Premier Hongmoon XP Charm
  • 2 x Magnificent Reputation Charm
  • 10 x Dokkaebi Soju

Give the Gift of True Friendship now and invite a friend to play Blade & Soul!