Autumn is in the air and the leaves are changing into a cornucopia of color while the days get shorter—It’s time to brew up some pumpkin spice and welcome the return of Blade & Ghoul on October 6.

Blade & Ghoul Events

As the Hongmoon Hero, it’s not always about saving the Earthen Realm from evil. Sometimes you have to offer a hand where help is needed, such as dusting off antique lamps from the old Naryu Empire. Restore these antique lamps with polishing cloths, and whatever treasures you find from them are yours to keep!

Stretch your legs and take a jog through memory lane in the Realmrift Supply Chain event dungeon with your party. Much like the Blackram Supply Chain, clear the dungeon for Corsair's Combs to spend in the Dragon Express for cosmetics such as and Pirate Prince/Princess and Gangplank Style Hair.

Forest of Echoes Challenge Dungeon

Now that you’ve had a chance to face off against Kumi the Great Deceiver, challenge her again in the Forest of Echoes Challenge Dungeon to place your party in the Challenge Dungeon rankings against other 4-player parties. Acquire Echo Challenge Tokens each week depending on your party’s rank and spend them at Tower Trader Kangcha for a Custom Foxfire costume, Kumi Psyches, and more.

Be ready for these events and Challenge Dungeon when Blade & Ghoul 2021 launches on October 6.