Epic Quest Act XI Part 2

The Lake of Reflection has been restored, and it’s time to ascend to the upper echelons of the Divine Realm to find Mushin and save the realms from collapse. As you follow Mushin, not only will you see his trail of destruction in the Divine Realm, but you’ll also discover the events that fueled Mushin’s despicable acts.


New Mythical Dungeon

“Fine warrior! Enter in the Realmwide Martial Arts Tournament!” A giant airship known as the Aerodrome has appeared over the Fishbelly Pub in Sapphire Basin, advertising a martial arts tournament aboard it. Many have made their way to the Aerodrome to take part, but something sinister lurks as none of the challengers have been seen since!

Explore the Aerodrome, the new 4-player Mythical dungeon, after you’ve completed Act XI Part 2 and find out what’s been happening who went up the airship before you.


New Demonsbane System

Demonsbane is a new ranking system for Mythical dungeons. Aerodrome is the first dungeon available in the new Demonsbane content. As you and your party rank up, you’ll unlock the next Demonsbane Aerodrome stage. While Demonsbane dungeons look the same on every stage, don’t be fooled—each stage has varying tricks and mechanics that’ll keep you on your toes!


New Mythical Accessories

Get a new level of Accessories—Mythical! Swap out your legendary accessories for the rewards you’ll receive from completing the Aerodrome— Skystealer Earring, Skystealer Ring, and Skystealer Necklace. Once you have your hands on these mythical accessories, enhance them with Fusion Stones and Skystealer Crystals—also obtained from the Aerodrome, and by completing the currently active Divine Secrets event!


Complete Act XI Part 1 now if you haven’t already so you can jump right into Act XI Part 2 and get ready for a new type of ranking system with Demonsbane arriving on November 10.