Alongside the launch of Act XI Part 2, there will be several item additions and system changes. Full details will be in the patch notes on November 9, but here’s a preview of the more notable changes coming in this new update.

Shadowfury Weapon Stage 7 – 9

Soon you’ll be able to upgrade your Shadow Fury weapon to Stages 7 through 9. Use Twisted Hearts, Pristine Oils, Premium Transformation Stones, Nocturnal Scales, Shimmer Scales and more to evolve your weapon.

Current Equipment

Target Equipment


Shadow Fury - Stage 6

Shadow Fury - Stage 7

x40 Twisted Hearts

x600 Moonstone Crystals

x600 Elysian Crystal

x3 Pristine Oils

x6 Premium Transformation Stones

x90 Legendary Elements

x15 Nocturnal Scales

x15 Shimmering Scales

450 Gold

Shadow Fury - Stage 7

Shadow Fury - Stage 8

Shadow Fury - Stage 8

Shadow Fury - Stage 9

There will also be an upgrade cost adjustment made to Grand Celestial, Thornbreaker, and Silversteel weapons.

Heavenspark/Netherspark Soul

The next Soul tier is here! Upgrade your True Divine Spark or True Thunder Spark Soul to the all-new Heaven/Netherspark Soul.

Current Equipment

Target Equipment


True Divine Spark/Thunder Spark Soul

Heavenspark/Netherspark Soul

x15 Sacred Vials

x5 Shimmering Scales

400 Gold

Aerodrome Mythical Dungeon

The Aerodrome is a Mythical dungeon that is part of the Demonsbane system. This dungeon is available at Fishbelly Pub or through F8.  As part of the Demonsbane system, Aerodrome can be accessed in different stages. There are 80 stages total, and you can advance to the next stage once the appropriate stage boss has been defeated and enough Demonsbane XP has been acquired to unlock it. Each stage consists of the same bosses but the mechanics could be different. The mechanics are indicated in the Demonsbane UI to give you an idea of what you will face against!

Explore the Aerodrome and collect the rewards that include Insignias, Psyches, Evolved Stones, Skystealer Crystals, and Skystealer accessory chests.

Skystealer Accessories

The Skystealer Earring, Ring, and Necklace are part of the all-new Mythical accessory tier. They can only be acquired from the bosses in the Aerodrome. The Skystealer Ring Chest, Skystealer Earring Chest, Skystealer Necklace Chest, and Aerodrome Treasure Chest have a chance to drop across all 80 stages.

Unlike previous Heroic or Legendary accessories, Skystealer accessories can only be enhanced with Fusion Stones and Skystealer Crystals.

Insignia System

Insignias offer a new way to customize your gameplay. Currently available as an item drop from the Aerodrome, there are Superior, Heroic, Legendary and Mythical grade Insignias and four different types—Red, Blue, Yellow, and Special. Red Insignias focus on Attack Power, Blue on cooldown reductions, Yellow on Defense, and Special (which are purple) are a combination of various effects. You can press Ctrl+K to access the Insignia System.

Equipment Resonance System

With the new Mythical accessories, the Resonance is a new bonus effects system currently for Skystealer accessories. Based on your total enchantment levels on these accessories, certain resonances are automatically unlocked. They offer bonuses such as Attack Power, Critical Damage, and Mystic. You can access the Equipment Resonance System from your inventory, located next to the Salvage button.


Log in to experience all these changes and more when Demonsbane launches on November 10 and read more about all these changes in the patch notes posting on November 9.