With the winter season on our doorstep, allow Fortune’s Favor to shine its warm light upon you! Partake in this returning collection event for a limited time and unlock unique items for your characters.

Access Fortune’s Favor through your menu bar in-game and unlock great rewards with Fortune’s Favor Coins as you progress through the Fortune Boards.

Grab the hottest items in this Fortune’s Favor season—new cosmetics, Wonder Ascension Stone Chests, Legendary Splendor Stone Chests, Accessory Exchange Tickets, Sacred Vials, Pet Packs, and new collectible pets can be yours!

Fortune’s Favor Boards

During this Fortune’s Favor event, you have access to four (4) different boards —each with their own set of rewards and items, ready to be collected by you.

  1. Pick any Fortune Board and use Fortune's Favor Coins to win rewards!
    • Rewards unlock randomly on the selected Fortune Board.
    • You do not have to complete a board to earn rewards on another board.
  2. The cost of unlocking rewards on the Fortune Boards varies. The following number of Fortune’s Favor Coins will be required depending on the board selected:
  • 1st Fortune Board (3 Coins required per play): Win new Cosmetic Items!
  • 2nd Fortune Board (7 Coins required per play): Win Legendary Splendor Stone Chests and a new premium pet!
  • 3rd Fortune Board (6 Coins required per play): Win an Accessory Exchange voucher!
  • 4th Fortune Board (3 Coins required per play): Win upgrade materials!
  1. While some rewards can be obtained multiple times, others are rare and unique.
    • Once you have claimed the total amount of an item, it will become locked and no longer available.
  2. Refresh a Fortune Board with a Fortune’s Favor Reset to earn more of the rare rewards or other locked items.
    • This will “reset” a board of your choosing and make all items available again to be collected by you.

Fortune’s Favor Rewards

Randomly unlock rewards on your selected board by using your Fortune's Favor Coins. The chosen item will be delivered to your inventory—so make sure you have enough inventory space or the drawing won’t complete. But have no fear, you won’t lose coins or rewards for incomplete drawings.

Items you can obtain from the Fortune Boards include:

1st Board

2nd Board

3rd Board

4th Board

Proud Plume

Proud Plume Pet

Grand Splendor Exchange Voucher

Shimmering Scale

Night Sky

Fortuitous Pet Pouch

Hongmoon Gilded Hexagonal Gem Selection Chest

Hongmoon Master Scroll

Proud Plume Illusion Weapon Chest

Luminous Ascension Stone Chest

Elite Hongmoon Gilded Pentagonal Gem Selection Voucher

Sacred Oil

Proud Plume Hair

Luminous Radiance Stone Chest

Hongmoon Gilded Pentagonal Gem Selection Voucher

Nocturnal Scale

Night Sky Hat

Wonder Ascension Stone Chest

Dyad Gem Fragment

Pet Pod

Premium Transformation Stone

Wonder Radiance Stone Chest

Nocturnal Scale

Ethereal Vial

Transformation Stone

 Hongmoon Accessory Selection Chest [Power Potential: 300]

Massive Gold Chest

Shimmering Scale Fragment

Chromatic Thread

Synthesis Stone

Premium Transformation Stone

Searing Grandmaster's Etching Stone


Searing Grandmaster's Etching Stone

Hongmoon Gem Fragment

Sacred Vial

High Quality Fabric

Fusion Stone

Master's Fragment Selection Chest

Pet Pack

Moonstone Crystal

Sparkling Ascension Stone Chest

Legendary Gem Hammer

Burnished Grandmaster's Etching Stone

Elysian Crystal

Sparkling Radiance Stone Chest

Premium Transformation Stone

Magnificent Reputation Charm


Pet Pack

Hongmoon Gem Powder

Premier Hongmoon XP Charm

Exceptional Reputation Charm


Master's Fragment Selection Chest

Special Hongmoon XP Charm

Koldrak Scale



Elysian Orb

Sacred Orb



Fortune’s Favor Coins

Grab your free Fortune’s Favor Coins for 0 Hongmoon Coins at the Hongmoon Store!





Fortune's Favor Coin (x2)

2 Fortune's Favor Coin

0 Hongmoon Coins

Limit 1 per week per account.




2 Fortune's Favor Coin

0 Hongmoon Coins

Premium members only. Limit 1 per day.

You can purchase additional Fortune’s Favor Coins from the Hongmoon Store:





Fortune's Favor Reset

1 Fortune's Favor Reset

99 NCoins/Hongmoon Coins

Hongmoon Coin purchase limit of 2 per day.


Fortune's Favor (x10)

10 Fortune's Favor Coins

440 NCoins/Hongmoon Coins
(Save 10%)


Fortune's Favor (x50)

50 Fortune's Favor Coins

2080 NCoins
(Save 15%)



Fortune's Favor (x100)

100 Fortune's Favor Coins

3920 NCoins
(Save 20%)


Fortune's Favor (x300)

300 Fortune's Favor Coins

9849 NCoins (Save 33%)


This special Fortune’s Favor event is available in the Hongmoon Store until January 19, 2022. Select your Fortune Boards and receive your rewards now!