Winter is just around the corner, and as the seasons change, so do the holidays! Fire up the fireplace and mix the hot cocoa because Winter Soulstice is arriving on December 8.

Winter Wonders Festival

Magic Snowballs have been appearing all throughout the Earthen Realm. Not only can these Snowballs be used in the Dragon Express, but they can also be used to craft Carrots, Buttons, and Branches to be traded in for a Snowman! Keep your Snowman icy cold as you make the trek to Northreach in the Silverfrost Mountains to where he can give you a spin on the Wheel of Fate.

The Wheel of Fate has its own set of rewards including Festive Yarn, which is needed for the holiday costumes including the all-new Chilly con Carne and Wintertide.

New Legendary PvP Bracelet and Gloves

It’s time to upgrade your PvP bracelet and gloves! Use your Battle Points and Moonstones to purchase a Disruptor Bracelet and Spectrum Gloves from Battleground Trader Eosin to evolve it to the latest tier of PvP accessories—Dawnsmite Gloves and Sunseeker Bracelet.

Other Changes

In addition to the Winter Wonders Festival event and new PvP accessories, Siversteel Soul Shields will replace Thornbreaker Soul Shield as a reward that has a chance to drop in Easy Difficulty dungeons. Hongmoon Mastery Points will increase from 35 to 40, and the Solar Energy Exchange in the Dragon Express will be updated.


Look forward to the winter holiday season with Winter Soulstice launching on December 8.