Blade & Soul is turning 6 with Soul Resurgence and what we have planned for this month is HUGE! 

Battle Pass System

Kicking off the anniversary is the Battle Pass system. This new system allows you accumulate Battle Pass XP as you complete certain requirements noted in the first season of the Battle Pass. As you earn Battle Pass XP, rewards can be unlocked with a purchase of the Battle Pass Voucher in the Hongmoon Store.

Soul Fighter Third Specialization

Soul Fighters will soon be able to unlock their third specialization, Way of the Divine Hand. Strike your enemies from all directions and distances with this new specialization and activate Invocation for additional countermeasures!

New Demonsbane Dungeon

Chaos continues to spread in the Earthen Realm. The New Masters have been focused on tracking down the kidnappers behind the Aerodrome and need you, the Hongmoon Hero, to track down the Architect who was responsible for the creation of the Aerodrome.

Answer Junghado’s call and find yourself investigating the Substratum Demonsbane dungeon! 

6th Anniversary Events

Yippi and Skippi are back to celebrate the 6th anniversary! Earn 6th Anniversary Coins from 6th Anniversary Gifts and collect 6th Anniversary Keys when you complete Daily and Weekly Challenges. You can spend the 6th Anniversary Coins in the Dragon Express for the Limitless costume, Ethereal Vials, and more.

We also have the Soul Boost event system, which officially replaces the previous Call to Arms event, where you can earn up to Silversteel Weapon – Stage 6 and other items. The Soul Boost event will have an in-game UI and, as you complete the required missions, rewards will unlock for you to collect.

‘Limitless’ Costume Set

Three times cosmetic design contest winner LâdySama’s next costume, Limitless, will be available to all players once per account for 0 Hongmoon Coin via the Hongmoon Store as part of the 6th anniversary celebrations. If you want a second costume, it can be acquired at the Dragon Express with 6th Anniversary Coins!

New 365 Day Premium Membership Costume

The current 365 Day Premium Membership costume, Knightmare, will be replaced with Frostbite as 2022’s exclusive when the Soul Resurgence update goes live on January 19, 2022.

If you renewed your 365 Day Premium Membership between December 19, 2021, and January 19, 2022—we’ll send you the Frostbite costume set to your in-game mail by the January 21.  Any new 365 Day Premium Membership subscriptions made after December 19, 2021, and before January 19, 2022, will get the Hongmoon Black Feather, Knightmare costume set, and  bonus items delivered immediately, and we’ll mail the Frostbite costume set by January 21.

Any new subscription that is purchased after maintenance begins on January 19, 2022 and beyond will only receive the  Frostbite costume set and illusion weapon.