Alongside the 6th anniversary celebration, there will be several item additions and system changes. Full details will be in the patch notes on January 18th, but here’s a preview of the more notable changes coming in this new update.

Soul Fighter Way of the Divine Hand

Soul Fighters unite and unlock the Way of the Divine Hand Third Specialization! If you’ve completed the Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan quest at Level 60, this specialization will be automatically available to you. As an enlightened Soul Fighter, use Invocation [Tab] to enter a new state. While in the Invocation state, your attacks will be enhanced and supported by a Divine Hand-- further slapping, clapping, punching, and smashing your enemy.

Substratum Demonsbane Dungeon

Substratum is a Mythical dungeon that is part of the Demonsbane system. Recommended for players Level 60 at Hongmoon Mastery Level 25, this dungeon is available in Zaiwei near the Hao Bazaar or through F8.  As part of the Demonsbane system, Substratum can be accessed in different stages. There are 80 stages total, and you can advance to the next stage once the appropriate stage boss has been defeated and enough Demonsbane XP has been acquired to unlock it. Each stage consists of the same bosses, but the mechanics could be different. Find information on the updated mechanics in the Demonsbane UI to give you an idea of what you will face against!

This Demonsbane dungeon will reward you with Insignias, Psyches, Evolved Stones, Pet Gems, Skystealer Crystals, and new Skystealer accessory chests.

Skystealer Bracelet, Belt and Gloves

Change out your Legendary PVE accessories for the all-new Mythical Skystealer Bracelet, Belt, and Gloves. These accessory chests only be acquired from the bosses in the Substratum, and have a chance to drop across the 80 stages. Remember, Skystealer accessories can only be enhanced with Fusion Stones and Skystealer Crystals!

Allegiant Heart

Upgrade to the latest Heart tier, Allegiant Heart, and increase your Attack Power, Critical, and HP. The new Allegiant Heart no longer uses Sacred Vials to upgrade to the next stage but will now use Sterling Scales.

Upgrading from True Dauntless Heart to Allegiant Heart – Stage 1 will require 180 Gold and 13 Sterling Scales. Some of the lower heart tiers will also give you the option to upgrade using Sterling Scales instead of Sacred Vials.

Other Changes

  • Two additional storage space rows will be available in the Vault and Premium Member Vault for 30 Dragon Trade Pouches each row.
  • Cooldowns on all Charms will be removed including 24 hr. cooldowns.
  • Compounding materials for Heroic and Legendary Etching Stones will use crystal versions of Sacred Orb, Elysian Orb, Soulstone, and Moonstone.


Log in to experience all these changes and more when Soul Resurgence launches on January 19th and read more about all these changes in the patch notes posting on January 18th.