On the journey to further improve their martial arts skills, the Soul Fighter has learned the ancient and transcendent Way of the Divine Hand. Fight and defeat enemies with a balance of close and ranged combat.

This new skill specialization will be available to all Level 60 Soul Fighters who have completed the "Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan" quest.


Using their own body as a weapon and shield, the Divine Hand can land heavy strikes and merciless kicks to blow their enemies away.

This Soul Fighter's battle style consists of short and long distanced attacks to ensure a dynamic playstyle, and a Divine Hand that deals striking attacks. Use the quick reflexes of Invocation [Tab] to enter an enlightened state to swiftly defend yourself against incoming attacks with skills such as Bright Ward [1] that can block and parry frontal attacks and Thousand Palms [RMB] to send forth divine hands to slap your enemies.


Have a look at some of the Way of the Divine Hand abilities that you will be able to learn and use in battle:

Divine Hand Abilities

Bright Ward

Blocks frontal attacks and parries attacks.


Resists damage and status effects, breaks free of Snare.

Celestial Chi

Resists status effects and increases HP Recovery. Increases Defense for Party members in range.

Dual Divinity

Deals damage over 2 hits and pierces parry.


Triggers Invocation effect, generates 4 Respite and 4 Renewal stacks, and unlocks powerful Divine Hand skills.

Soul Spear

Attacks opponents with a blast of blazing energy that deals additional Critical Damage.

Thousand Palms

Sends giant golden translucent hands rocketing forward to slap your target.


Knocks down the target if used with the [Tab] skill.


The 3rd Specialization of the Soul Fighter: Way of the Divine Hand will become available on January 19.