The new Battle Pass is finally live!

Complete Battle Pass missions, level up your pass, and unlock a range of great rewards! To take advantage of the great rewards offered in the Battle Pass, players must be at least Level 60, HM Level 1.

To celebrate its release, we have the following items available for you at the Hongmoon Store to help you get started:





Battle Pass Launch Package

Battle Plaque
Battle Potion (x70)
Jiwan Pet

4400 NCOIN

1 per account

Battle Plaque

Battle Plaque

2400 NCOIN


Battle Potion (x110)

Battle Potion (x110)

3600 NCOIN

3 per account

Battle Potion

Battle Potion



These items are only available from January 19 until February 16.

Complete missions, level your Battle Pass, and unlock rewards

The Battle Pass starts at Level one, and you can gain progress and level it up by completing missions.

You will receive a list of various daily and weekly missions, and their tasks can include completing specific quests and dungeons.

Complete Battle Pass missions to earn great rewards! If you are after even greater rewards, then why not unlock them with the Battle Plaque?  Using the Battle Plaque grants you additional Premium rewards, so this is for anyone who is after even greater rewards and who completes all challenges to claim all available rewards!

How the new Battle Pass works:

  1. Tap on the Battle Pass in-game icon.
  2. Check the list of available missions in the Battle Pass screen.
  3. Clear the listed missions to earn points to level up.
  4. You can claim your rewards when you level up your rank and unlock their rewards.
  5. If you have multiple rewards that are waiting to be claimed, you can claim them all at once.
  6. You can use the Battle Plaque to unlock additional Premium rewards.

If you are planning on unlocking the Battle Pass at a later point, you can still progress and complete missions, and then claim your rewards after you have unlocked the Pass.

The Battle Pass missions are unlocked on one character when purchasing the pass and can be purchased on all characters that meet the requirements. The progress is tracked for each character individually.

Over time and with your personal Battle Pass progress more missions and more rewards will become available.

Battle Pass Rewards

Have a look at some of the rewards you can collect:


Soulstone Crystal

Sacred Crystal

Moonstone Crystal

Elysian Crystal

Flame Skystealer Crystal

Ocean Skystealer Crystal

Earth Skystealer Crystal

Wind Skystealer Crystal

Nature Skystealer Crystal

Lightning Skystealer Crystal

Elder Scale

Nocturnal Scale

Searing Hongmoon Etching Stone Chest

Silversteel Ore

Legendary Element

Wonder Radiance Stone Chest

Hongmoon Quick XP Charm

Eminence Reputation Charm

Premier Hongmoon XP Charm

Premier Reputation Charm


Sacred Orb


Elysian Orb

Searing Grandmaster's Etching Stone

Sacred Vial

Synthesis Stone

Imperial Soju

Kaebi Charm

Honing Oil

Pristine Oil

Premium Transformation Stone

Hongmoon Gem Powder

Dark Whisper

Dark Whisper Mask


Get ready, as the Battle Pass is live now!