It’s already March, and we’re excited to give you a sneak peek at the upcoming update, “Unchained Chaos,” coming on March 16! We’re continuing to release features and content, and this update has a lot to offer. We’ll give you an overview today, and then dive deeper into each part of the release every day until the release.


Next week, Gunslingers are leveling up their range and style with the third specialization, “Way of the Arsenal.” Create weaponized choreographies with light-powered guns and effects! Enemies will notice you from a distance but not long enough to dodge the glowing bullets.

The Way of the Arsenal will provide Gunslingers with a variety of options they can quickly switch to, from short and long-distance fights to movement abilities.

Chaos Supply Chain

We’re adding a new dungeon to Demonsbane. In Chaos Supply Chain, you’re getting back to Blackram Supply Chain to stop Poharan, but she’s not alone. Discover what is causing this fracas, and be rewarded with rewards new to this dungeon!

And as a little bonus, you will now earn gold for all of your Demonsbane rankings.

Class Change

For the first time in the game, we’re giving you the ability to change your character class. If you feel that your character’s personality didn’t match their talents, it’s time to give them a “classlift.”

Dropscotch Games

On one side of a bridge, there are twelve players. On the other side, there are great rewards, including cosmetic items. In between? Fourteen glass tiles suspended across a daunting emptiness. Cross at your own risk!

New Gems and Soul Shields

We’re introducing Octagonal gems and a few Soul Shields for you to toy with. It’s an excellent opportunity to improve your arsenal!

Treasure Trove

Your martial arts adventures need style, and the Treasure Trove will deliver! Whether you’d like a wardrobe change or fall in love with one of the new outfits, we’ve got you.

And the cherry on top of the cake, we’re also running a Daily Dash during this period.