Return to Celestial Basin, an area located in southeast Gunwon City, to join the battle of factions, complete quests, and find treasures. Whether you’re in a group or on your own, there are plenty of quests to delve into for the collection of Celestial Peaches, which you can turn in for grand rewards and upgrade materials.

Quests and events

Park Youngha of the Celestial Archaeology Society writes you a letter and informs you about the dire situation at the Celestial Basin that threatens to get the historical Naryu architecture destroyed. You are asked to help Park Youngha to settle the conflicts between the three factions before history is lost.

Upon entering Celestial Basin, you’ll be prompted with a random set of 5 quests that will lead you through the ruins. Each quest will reward you a varying amount of Celestial Peaches; the more difficult the quest, the more peaches you’ll receive. You can pick and choose which quests you want to do, and as soon as you have 3 out of the 5 quests completed the list will be refreshed with a set of 5 new quests.

You may also encounter the time-limited special event at the Celestial Basin. The special event will task you with 3 additional quests, and event bosses will spawn on all channels. Hurry, defeat the bosses and complete the quests, before the 10-minute timer runs out!

By defeating the Celestial Basin field bosses, you can obtain a Celestial Basin Pouch which has a chance to grant the following rewards:



Drop Rate

Soulstone Crystal


Guaranteed drop

Moonstone Crystal


Guaranteed drop

Sacred Orb


Chance to drop

Elysian Orb


Chance to drop

Celestial Basin XP Charm


Chance to drop

Celestial Basin Treasure Key


Chance to drop

The following Celestial Basin quests are also available:





 Celestial Resurgence

Letter Quest



Brawl in the Basin

Daily Quest


1x Jyansei's Supply Chest

If you’re looking for an even greater challenge, the Celestial Basin also harbors the Naryu Sanctum and Irontech Forge dungeons, as well as the Scion's Keep raid.

Celestial Basin Treasure Room

The Celestial Basin Treasure Room is a locked area where you can acquire a Celestial Basin Treasure Chest.

Kill monsters at the Celestial Basin for a chance to acquire a Celestial Basin Treasure Key or fragments of the key. Right click on the fragments to transform 10 fragments into 1 key. Once you obtain a Celestial Basin Treasure Key, you can only use it at the Pulsegate Altar near the starting point of the Celestial Basin while a dynamic weather event is active, so be quick about it!

Enter the Treasure Room and defeat King Windlepaws to obtain great loot. Open the Celestial Basin Treasure Chest for a chance to obtain:

Celestial Basin Treasure Chest Contents

1,000 Gold

10-Elysian Orb Bundle

100-Sacred Orb Bundle

Hongmoon Master Scroll

Celestial Peach Rewards

Collect Celestial Peaches and bring them to Celestial Peach Exchanger Lee Youjin to exchange them for upgrade materials, heroic weapon chests, experience charms, and more!

Here are some of the available items:


Celestial Peach Cost

Celestial Basin XP Charm


Brilliant Celestial Basin XP Charm


Searing Celestial Basin XP Charm


Soulstone Crystal Chest


Moonstone Crystal Chest


The following items have retired from the Celestial Basin and will no longer be available:

  • Destiny Ring
  • Immortality Earring
  • Oath Necklace
  • Void Fragment
  • Python Weapon Chest
  • Gunwon Weapon Chest
  • Ujara Weapon Chest
  • Syrok Weapon Chest
  • Classic Celestial Basin Treasure Key (antiqued)
  • Classic Celestial Basin Treasure Key Fragment (antiqued)
  • Classic Heaven's Coin (antiqued)

Prepare for battle and return to the Celestial Basin for many great rewards!