We’re excited to invite you to New Empires, launching on May 11! This release contains new content and system updates that we’ll be detailing over the next week. Follow us now for a quick preview.

Act 12 Interlude

The Epic story of Blade & Soul reached a heroic milestone last year at the end of Act 11, Part 2. We’re finally ready to turn a page and witness the coronation of a new Empress! Act 12 Interlude will bring you close to a historic moment for the Earthen Realm. We’re at a turning point where everything is possible!

Hall of Trials

The Namdo Clan is opening the doors to Nykarri Island, but there’s some resistance. You step in to help the Elders understand what is happening, only to realize that chaos has disturbed this island. Enter the Hall of Trials to discover the mysteries of this new dungeon that will reward masters with brand new weapons!

Horde & Gourd Event

Return to Kaebi Village to save the villagers from the Dokkaebi spirits haunting it. This limited-time event will pit you against waves of enemies to grant you gourds full of valuable rewards. Prepare your weapons, Jyansei!

Items and Systems update

This release is bringing numerous updates to items and systems. New weapon tier, new enchantment system, new Soul and Pet Aura tier, and many more changes! We can’t wait to tell you more.

Mark your calendars now, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more information about New Empires, launching on May 11.