Warning: this blog post contains spoilers for Act XI, part 2 of Blade & Soul.

On May 11, the Blade & Soul story continues as we bring you Act XII Interlude! But let’s recap where we are first.

Previously in Blade & Soul

At the end of last year, Act XI, part 2 concluded with the revelation of Mushin’s and Jinsoyun’s fate. After you saved the Divines from the Dark Lord and Mushin's meddling, the Earthen Realm is now in the control of the living.

An era has ended as the Four Guardians retire to a different realm, and the rifts from the Dark Realm are closed. You lead the Hongmoon School, and you are the Master of Fate. Some of the last words that Master Hong shares with you before vanishing between realms are “Find others you trust to fight alongside you.”

While fighting through new challenges, you’ve discovered a power older than the Divine, Chaos. The Demonsbane scroll allowed you to fight this new force after it infiltrated various factions, including the Blackram.

New Empires Rise

As a new day dawns, Princess Namsoyoo is getting ready to rule the Stratus Empire, and she is waiting for you in the Imperial Quarters of Dasari Palace. The preparations for her coronation are almost complete. The guests coming from all the corners of the Earthen Realm are ready to see her become Empress, the last of the royal bloodline anointed by the Divines and the first to rule in an age without Divine intervention.

Groups and factions from all sides are here. Namsoyoo hopes that everyone will join her efforts to end the war. It is a time for hope and understanding, maybe even discovery. During the coronation rituals and festivities, you will also spend more time with the New Masters!

Act XII Interlude will bridge the gap between the Blade & Soul story that concluded last year and the next adventure for your characters, to be told in a story update to be released in the future. Witness this historic moment on May 11!