It’s almost summer, and the Earthen Realm feels balmy. On June 8, a Cursed Legacy will be casting shadows across sunny continents, but it won’t stop the party. Discover today the content we’ll present to you in detail next week!

Namdo Shrine Dungeon

Last month, the Elders from the Namdo Clan asked for your help to look for Master Tayjin. After proving yourself worthy in the Hall of Trials, you continue your search by digging deeper into the Nykarri Island’s mysteries. It looks like Chaos activity has transformed this place that is important to the Southern Tiger, but why? Let’s try to find out.

Summer Treasure Trove

One of the community’s favorite activities is back with its estival dress. We’ve gathered feedback from the community about what changes they’d like to see to the Treasure Trove, and we’re introducing some of these changes! We’re excited for you to explore the Summer Treasure Trove.

Hongsil’s Workshop and more

The doors to the automaton creator’s workshop have been open again. She lost control of her most powerful creation, Princess Bloodlust. Help Hongsil restore order in her work environment!

We’re also bringing back the Hongmoon Boot Camp for an opportunity to sharpen your PvP gear! And on top of all of that, we’ll have something special for your Daily Challenges. Be on the lookout for more information next week!

New Accessories

We’re continuing to add mythical accessories with the necklace and gloves at Starcross levels. This new tier will benefit from the Succession System introduced with the New Empires update. We’re also adding Gildstones for these two accessories.

Don’t miss the Skystealer Events, Week 2!

Today is the last day to complete the Skystealer Events, Week 1 event, and it’s also the first day to start working on Week 2! Completing 6 Weekly Challenges before June 8 will net you a bundle of materials to upgrade your new gear.