Summer is upon us, and with it the Summer Treasure Trove is rolling out to keep the good vibes going. Starting June 8 through June 29, you’ll have the chance to snag new cosmetics, upgrade materials, psyches, Skystealer Crystals and more!

If you’re new to the Treasure Trove, then follow the link here to see how to participate. If you’re a seasoned veteran, keep reading to learn more about this season’s bounty.


The Summer Treasure Trove is filled to the brim with fantastic items just for you: Cosmetics, psyches, Skystealer Crystals, gems, and more.

Here’s a preview of some of the seasonal treats available to you, but we encourage you to pop in-game to check out all this Treasure Trove has to offer:





Crimson Moon

Black Butterfly

Top Flight

Fire Drake Illusion Weapon Chest

Flameforge Illusion Weapon Chest

Hipposaurus Pet


Grand Uzume’s Psyche

Grand Kumi’s Psyche

Grand Pirate Psyche

Grand Poharan’s Psyche

Luminous Radiance Stone Chest

Luminous Ascension Stone Chest

Brilliant Substratum Special Insignia Chest

Brilliant Aerodrome Special Insignia Chest

Brilliant Poharan Special Insignia Chest

Upsurge Essence

Poharan Soul Shields 1~8



Dyad Gilded Octagonal Gems

Dyad Gilded Heptagonal Gems

Hongmoon Gilded Heptagonal Gem Selection Chest

Hongmoon Gilded Octagonal Gems

Dyad Gilded Square Obsidian-Garnet Selection Chest



True Heavenspark Soul

True Netherspark Soul

True Dauntless Heart

True Overture Talisman

Unleashed Starborn Pet Aura

Unleashed Supernatural Pet Aura


Treasure Trove Bundles

Players will receive a daily free key and the Treasure Trove Key and Treasure Trove Expansion bundles are available in the Hongmoon Store—buy more, and you’ll save more with our bundled discounts!

We are running a special promotion — you will receive a free Treasure Trove Key x10 bundle with the purchase of the Treasure Trove Key (x100) bundle. This offer can be redeemed up to 3 times per account.




Treasure Trove Key

49 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin

Limit 20 per day with HMC

Premium Membership Treasure Trove Key

0 Hongmoon Coin

Limit 1 per day; Premium Members only

Treasure Trove Key (x3)

60 NCoin

Limit 1 per account

Treasure Trove Key (x10)

441 NCoin (44 NCoin Per Key)


Treasure Trove Key (x50)

2083 NCoin (42 NCoin Per Key)


Treasure Trove Key (x100)

3920 NCoin (39 NCoin Per Key)


Treasure Trove Expansion

199 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin


Treasure Trove Expansion (x6)

955 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin



Special Treasure Trove Bundle Offer

We also are offering a Treasure Trove Master Bundle that’ll save you 28% off the total cost of purchasing the items individually!





Treasure Trove Master Bundle

Treasure Trove Key (x100)
Treasure Trove Expansion (x6)

4397 NCoin Only
(Save 28%)

Limit 1 per account


Remember, this season’s Summer Treasure Trove is only here until June 29! Grab your keys and see what goodies await!