We’re nearing the end of the Summer, and there’s no stop to the updates in Blade & Soul! Dawn of Darkness releases on August 10 and will deliver another fun month. We’re giving you the scoop today, and you can read more details in the news posts coming over the next week. Make sure to check Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates too!

New Dungeon: Shrouded Ajanara

Chaos has spread during the past few months, as you experienced in the Hall of Trials, Namdo Shrine, and Altar of the Infinite dungeons... and it’s high time to get ready to fight back. Lay the foundation to confront Chaos by training in the new solo dungeon, Shrouded Ajanara!

Returning Event and more: Frozen Vipercap Cavern

We’re sending you to a refreshing location, but there’s a catch! The Frozen Vipercap Cavern brings you to an icy cave full of mushrooms, and we’re not talking about the edible kind. This big boss means big rewards are in store if you defeat it! We’re also adding a few smaller events to add some spice.

Adding some Quality of Life

We’re introducing two features to improve your Blade & Soul experience this month. You can read more details about the update to the Daily Challenges system very soon. We will also open a new “World chat” that will allow all players of the same server to communicate. This channel will bring together the Blade & Soul community if you use it with wisdom.

Lastly, you can also expect two new accessories in the Dawnbright tier. We’re excited for you to play Dawn of Darkness on August 10, so tune in for more information about this update during the coming week!