Greetings, Warriors of the Earthen Realm!

With only three months left in the year, I wanted to provide an overview of what the Blade & Soul team has been working on and what’s to come for the remainder of 2022 and beyond. We want to continue to thank Blade & Soul players that provide us with constructive feedback on the forums and social channels. Your feedback is critical to ensuring we point the game in the right direction.

I’ll start by providing updates on some of the topics mentioned in the previous Producer’s Letter. One of the issues many players mentioned was gold acquisition. Since then, we have been— and are continuing to make adjustments and improvements to the player gold economy. This topic is particularly delicate as we must keep the economy balanced while addressing player concerns. One of our new tactics to tackle this issue will be making adjustments month-to-month through making events more rewarding and continually evaluating how players accrue gold daily.

I also want to highlight that we implemented the community’s feedback on the Treasures Trove, completely revamping our Treasure Trove in June with your input as the foundation. The next system we’ll be addressing is the Dragon Express for Premium members, starting this month. You’ll be hearing about these changes very soon. Last, Fortune’s Favor will also be changed based on the community feedback this month as well. We are constantly monitoring the Blade & Soul forums, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, so please keep your feedback coming!

Now, on to upcoming changes. A shift we’re operating immediately is that Blade & Soul is moving to a bi-monthly update cycle. Starting with September, new game content will be added in alternating months. With this change, it is vital that we share our reasoning behind this decision. We want to stress that this does NOT affect our development for Blade & Soul, as we still will provide the same quantity of content every two months. The major impact of this change is how we package the content during each update—moving content from one month to the next for larger updates six times a year. Months that do not have content updates will still be supported with new and exciting events.

The key reason behind this shift is to provide you with larger, more polished, and impactful updates that can be consumed at a more leisurely rate. We heard your feedback that the monthly update cycle pressures you to consume all the content before the next update. We feel strongly that this shift will make each update a more enjoyable experience, but please let us know your thoughts and opinions once this new cadence begins rolling out.

With that said, we are extremely excited about what is to come for the remainder of this year and what’s in store for 2023. October and December will provide major content updates with the new class and an emphasis on end-game content. We will continue to smooth the mid-tier progression curve to help get more players end-game ready. We will begin to increase the tempo on news for the October update, with many highly requested UI improvements being music to your ears.

On behalf of myself and the Blade & Soul team, we wanted to thank you for all the feedback you’ve been providing, and we greatly appreciate it. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for the game for the end of the year, 2023, and beyond! 🎵